6 Things to Consider When Keeping or Tossing Pieces from Your Closet

The change of seasons, lifestyle, and job are some of the great times to consider what’s in your closet. Before you can update your wardrobe, it’s important to get your closet in order and don’t let the overwhelming clothing keep you from conquering your dressing space. When it’s time to purge, consider these things to determine if clothing stays or goes.

  1. Do you really like it?

all white outfit with modern choker

romper with vest printed blouse with shorts

Whether it’s a printed outfit or an all-white matching set, think first if you really like the item that it has the right to be in your closet. Does the color complement your skin and hair color and the silhouette flatter your figure? If you feel good about yourself when you wear it, then it might be the one deserving for your closet space.

  1. Does it fit your body type well?

silk summer dress sweater with midi skirt slouchy sweater with boot cut pants

Whether you’ve lost or gained weight, we are all guilty of holding onto clothing that doesn’t fit us well. Perhaps you’ve gained a little weight or finally shed those unwanted pounds. If so, get real and let it go. However, if the piece can be altered by a tailor and it can still work for you, then you can keep it.

  1. Do you try it on and take it right back off?

off shoulder top with denim shorts sporty cool outfit with sneakers polka dots blouse with skirt

Whether it’s a printed blouse that feels awkward or a plain top that looks boring, you must think whether your item can flatter your style and will suit your basic pieces. This that one top, bottom, or accessory we had to have, but the reality of working it into the wardrobe isn’t happening. If you find yourself doing this often, it’s time to let it go and only keep those pieces you love and make you feel your best.

  1. Have you worn it in the last three months?

metallic gold accordion skirt with sweater winter sweater with printed skirt statement sweater with jeans

Except for seasonal clothes that you only wear in a specific season, think of items that you haven’t worn for three months. If you didn’t wear it during its respective season, it means you don’t like it. Instead of letting that piece sit in your closet for years, sell or donate those items to make room for items you need or want.

  1. Is the item versatile that you can wear it in different ways?

casual chic outfit with denim jacket white dress with thong sandals off shoulder top with skirt

If you’re unsure about whether or not to keep a piece of clothing, consider its versatility. Generally, dresses and jumpsuits are less versatile, though you can wear them with blazers and style them with necklaces, especially if it’s neutral-colored. If it’s a top, think if you can wear them with jeans, skirt, or shorts as there are eccentric and outlandish styles only meant to wear with a certain bottom. This might be harder with trendier pieces, but any garment worth keeping should be able to be worn in multiple ways.

  1. Would you love to buy it today?

sporty cool outfit checkered matching set breton striped sweater with jeans

If you’re unsure about any item of clothing, think first if you would you buy it today as if it’s something you loved in the past but your style has evolved, it’s time to let it go. Chances are it’s outdated and isn’t representing you well. If you’re not strapped for cash, a consignment store is a great option for selling used clothing, or put up a garage sale to sell your clothing the old-fashioned way. By considering these 6 things, you’ll be able to purge your closet successfully and maintain an organized life.

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