6 Things That Hold You Back in Purging Your Closet

If you have a stuffed closet yet have nothing to wear, getting your wardrobe cleaned and understanding why you have so much stuff is the best way. However, tossing out the pieces you loved once may not be easy. So, keep on reading for the 6 things that hold you back in purging your closet and get wiser decisions.

  1. You spent a lot and you have a hard time giving it up.

gladiators with chic outfit

sailor cap with tweed skirt and cozy sweater

Cutting your losses can be hard. Some women have a hard time letting go of shoes thinking there is a security in knowing they can wear those heels anytime, even though they will not. If you don’t want to toss it, try to wear them on your casual weekends with your dressy outfit even though you’re a sneaker type of girl. The key is to be honest about who you are so it can free you from clinging on to your clothing of yesteryear.

  1. It was a great deal.

backward shirt with jeans flared pants with nude top and clogs

Clearance and sales can be a big source for cluttering up your wardrobe as the thrill of looking and finding something great on the rack can be exciting. However, we sometimes confuse savings with value and end up buying things we don’t want or need. You may be guilty of saving $40 on a piece can spur you to buy it even though you would normally not look at the top on full price. It may be easy to get hooked on saving money, but on reality you actually didn’t know whether you’re buying something because you actually really like it or because it’s simply a great deal. Unless you stop buying things based on price and start judging worth based on value and the happiness an item gives you, may end up back in the same position few months from now.

  1. It was on sale but it’s still in style.

cut out romper with loafers silk scarf with bandeau top and skirt

Though it might seem like a thrifty habit spending less money on clothing, the truth is that’s a terrible way because you’re prone to buy things you don’t need. It may have been a steal, but that item was not a good buy even if it’s still on style. Instead of solving your problem of finding something to wear, more options can make you feel really overwhelmed, especially when more equates to cheap and poor quality clothing. So, filter your wardrobe and keep the pieces that reflect your personality.

  1. It was a gift.

cozy sweater with skirt puffed sleeved vintage dress

When it’s a gift, getting rid of that item makes you feel guilty. However, if you didn’t wear that dress, scarf, or bag, you won’t likely wear them soon and all it will do is take up the space. If you really have a hard time getting rid of gifts, you may think of finding treasured things you have from that person and hang on to those instead. Also, you may find a way to wear the item or store it outside your closet.

  1. It holds a special memory.

breezy striped dress chic cowgirl outfit with hat

There are dresses and other ensembles that we will keep a lifetime. But we don’t need to hang on to every piece of clothing we wore to life’s smaller occasions. An outfit you wore to a memorable trip does not need to hang in your closet. Keeping the memories can be great, but letting go of the possessions is hard since we project so much of what that occasion meant to us from that piece of dress. However, if it’s not serving you any useful purpose, then try and dissociate the memory from the item.

  1. You were saving it for the future.

white and nude party dress sexy lace corset with blazer and jeans

Someday, when you lose 10 pounds you think you will fit into that party dress. Or better yet, someday when it comes back in style you will rock that lace top. However, you must focus on the present moment as there’s no point hoarding hundreds of items only to have them take up shelf space but not add value to your present life. Remember that you can’t keep things for a someday and you need to live in the present. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to purge your closet successfully.

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