6 Summer Pieces You Can Wear Year-Round

Going for season-less pieces can basically double your wardrobe for free. So, you don’t have to pack away your favorite pieces each season. Remixing the same pieces in chic new ways not only allows you to make the most out of everything in your closet, but it can make your style more creative and unique. So, keep on reading for the 6 summer pieces you can wear year round.

  1. Crop Top

button down shirt with crop top and military jacket

white crop top with leather jacket and skirt culottes with off shoulder crop top and straw hat

Crop tops are the hottest piece everyone’s wearing with their denim shorts, culottes, full skirts, and button-front skirt this summer with their sun hats. But if you think crop tops are only for the summer when you need to show some skin in order to look fresh, think again. Fashion blogger Blair Eadie taught us how to wear the summer staple in the colder months by wearing it with a button-down shirt, military jacket, and a skirt.

  1. Denim Skirt

chic tank top with button front denim skirt distressed denim skirt with green blazer denim skirt with flared pants with chambray top

The favorite bottom that matches your tank tops, button-front or distressed denim skirt can make your street style effortlessly cool. But, don’t throw away your casual skirts in the colder months as they can be perfect to wear with jackets in slightly cold weather, or with trousers to channel your carefree vibe like fashion blogger Michelle Krusi did.

  1. Floral Print Dress

chiffon floral dress with nude heels floral dress with coat cute floral dress with blue coat and pumps

Summer is known for floral prints and juicy colors that you can see on dresses. In the summer, wear your sheer summer dresses with your favorite summer sandals that look chic. But when the colder season arrives, wear them with coat and ankle boot like fashion blogger Jenny Bernheim did, or even wrap yourself in winter layers with tights like fashion blogger Veronica Popoiacu did.

  1. Culottes

culottes with striped sweater suede bandeau top and culottes with sneakers striped culottes with cropped top

Culottes may seem like a summer must-have that you can wear with crop tops and sheer tops. In the fall season, embrace heavier fabrics that will keep you comfortable and chic. In the colder season, slipping in a chunky sweater teamed with culottes will make your street style chic at the same time trendy.

  1. Military Jacket

military jacket with orange dress patent leather trousers with military jacket military jacket with structured skirt

If you find your summer dresses too dressed up for a casual style, you might easily resort to a military jacket to tone it down while adding some edge to your looks. In the colder season, think of wearing them with classic button-down shirts and leather jackets to provide more insulation for your style. When the winter approaches, copy Zanita Whittington’s look wearing a military jacket with her boxy skirt and tights.

  1. Striped Summer Dress

striped dress with with pom pom sandals striped dress with lightweight top leather sneakers with striped dress and coat

Breton stripes, candy stripes, awning stripes, and barcode stripes are trendy in the summer, especially in dress styles. If you normally wear your striped summer dress with a brightly colored bag and summer sandals, thin of wearing them with sweater and coats in the colder months that will change up your looks completely. Indeed, investing for season-less pieces while completing your summer wardrobe can be great to double up your closet for free.

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