6 Summer Outfits That Will Give You the Edge You Crave

Summer may be the perfect time to show off your feminine dresses and sexy outfits, but that doesn’t mean you have to forgo your edgy style. From morning coffee runs to brunch with the girls to a night on the town, keep on reading for the 6 summer outfits that will give you the edge you crave.

  1. Crop Top + Jogger Pants/Skirt

crop top with joggers and asymmetric sandals

leather crop top with tropical print maxi skirt joggers with crop top and camo jacket

If you wish to show some skin without being scandalous, crop tops are the best choice for you. Whether you wish to wear them with a feminine skirt or sporty jogger pants, crop tops will surely add some tough girl vibe on your street style. If you’re going to wear them with a skirt maybe a tropical print or billowy one, go for an edgy crop top made from leather or a crop top with a sexy neckline. This way, you’ll keep your summer looks edgy at the same time sexy.

  1. Military-Inspired Outfits

military inspired off shoulder dress white outfit with camouflage jacket military shirtdress with strappy sandals

If you’re not a fan of leather, think of military-inspired outfits that will keep you cool in the summer. A pair of cargo pants, camouflage print jacket, military blazer, olive green dress, and military shirtdress can be great to add some edge to your style. Just complete your looks with complementing accessories such as a pair of strappy sandals or edgy bag.

  1. Flared Pants + Edgy Top

bohemian top with flared pants flared pants with vest flared pants with bohemian top

Whether you wish for a borrowed-from-boys look or bohemian style, a pair of flared pants will add some edge to your outfit. Think of trading your traditional straight-leg pants with a flared one that will go perfectly with your business suits and office blazer. Or, team it with a boho-inspired top to add some carefree look to your edgy style.

  1. Sexy Black Outfits

eyelet mini dress with boho sandals sheer top with structured skirt and blazer sexy black maxi dress

Black outfits may not be encouraged in the summer since dark colors are known for absorbing heat rather than reflecting it. But, you can still make black outfits work as long as you pick summer fabrics and sexy styles that can help you beat the heat with style. A black eyelet dress, slit maxi dress, or a sheer top can be summer-appropriate while keeping your street looks edgy.

  1. Black Lace Skirt + Breezy Top

breezy white top with lace skirt sheer lace skirt with black tee lace skirt with off shoulder chambray blouse

Since lace give some feminine vibe, think of black ones that you can way in a sexy way like street style stars always do. If you wish to make it a bit edgy, simply team your lace skirt with a black tee, or make it more feminine by pairing it with a chic breezy top like Kristina Bazan did.

  1. Edgy Slip-On Sandals + Summer Outfit

mules with printed sundress minimalist outfit with edgy sandals leather slip on sandals with cold shoulder retro floral dress

If you’re not comfortable taking your style to new heights, you can start with your footwear. Whatherver outfit you’re wearing, a pair of Birkenstocks, gladiators, mules, slip-on sandals and such can add some cool and edgy vibe to your summer outfits instantly. Indeed, getting an edgy style for summer is easy as long as you know how to make the look work for you.

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