6 Stylish Tricks to Look Flattering in Graphic Prints

We all know how clothes in solid, plain colors should be a staple to our closets as they’re versatile and will go well with anything. However, if you start to get boring and repetitive, update your looks with graphic prints. A lot of women tend to shy away from clothes with graphic prints on them because they aren’t sure how they could pull it off. So, keep on reading for our stylish tricks.

  1. When wearing graphic prints, the key is to keep them proportionate.



Make sure prints are small for smaller garments such as scarves, skirts, bags, and hats. If you’re wearing a printed dress, balance it out with minimal makeup and a simple hairstyle. Like fashion blogger Jenny Bernheim, you may anchor your graphic print dress to another piece with a bag carrying the print’s dominant color. In fact, it’s the safest way to wear graphic print where a plain, solid color acts as a neutralizer.

  1. Think of prints that will reflect your personality.

colorful-graphic-print-dress graphic-print-kimono-with-midcalf-boots

Depending on your personality, you may stick with classy or overpowering prints. If you are not confident, start with picking tailored separates over a busy dress. Or, simply keep them in black and white shades to look more classy and timeless. Abstract prints work great for day wear while vertical prints are great for creating an illusion of a slimmer silhouette. This is perfect if you want to create an outfit that will turn heads and make a fashion-forward statement. There are also fashion-forward, smart, and grown-up, graphic prints that look modern and bold to suit your personality.

  1. Opt for prints that will flatter your body type.

graphic-print-shorts-with-ruffled-top-and-pink-sunglasses graphic-print-skirt-with-yellow-top-and-white-blazer

Prints may be expressive but you need to be careful while picking a print to make sure it suits your body type and doesn’t look garish. If you are curvy, feel free to experiment with bigger prints but if you are on the petite side, then big prints are a no-no. As a rule of thumb in wearing print, bigger prints are meant for bigger figures while smaller, tinier ones are for those on the slimmer and more petite side.

  1. Keep everything minimal.

black-top-with-graphic-print-maxi-skirt graphic-print-floral-dress-with-blazer

Keep your accessories, color choices, and makeup minimal to draw more attention to the print. Like fashion blogger Jenny Bernheim, you may neutralize your bold print maxi skirt with a plain black top, or top your graphic print dress with a plain blazer to make it polished and sleek.

  1. Make a statement with graphic prints.

classy-white-dress-with-tribal-print-scarves-and-hat colorful-floral-print-dress

Use your patterned item or graphic print as a statement piece. Keep your styling really simple so that your patterned piece stands out. Like fashion blogger Dawilda Gonzalez, you may opt for an eccentric floral print maxi dress that can make a statement but skip accessories, makeup, and avant-garde hairstyle.

  1. Be confident.

graphic-print-outfit-with-sling-bag floral-print-dress-with-hat

The last trick to pulling off bold patterns is to be confident. We tend to dress in a way which reflects our levels of self-esteem or our mood. Knowing you look good will change the way you walk, your posture and even the way others perceive you. By heeding our stylish tricks, wearing you graphic print outfits will let you create a cohesive look that’s easy on the eyes.

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