6 Street Style Tricks for Looking Better in Photos

From striking perfect poses in their blog posts to looking effortlessly poised in any street style candid, fashion bloggers always get the natural-looking yet the best photos in the street style looks. How can you best showcase your outfit and share it with the world, yet still look unique and outstanding? Keep on reading for our 6 street style tricks to look your best in every photo.

  1. Know your best angles.

kristina bazan in abstract print top

kristina bazan in orange fur scarf and classic outfit kristina bazan in gray coat with leather gloves kristina bazan in cashmere sweater

Don’t squarely face the camera. Instead, show the sides of your face and tilt your head slightly. Not facing the camera straight-on will give your features more depth and bring out those cheekbones. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, bring out the best on your facial features whether it’s the jaw, chin, cheekbones, or nose by posing in different angles to highlight your assets and downplay your flaws.

  1. Embrace a lower angle when taking full-length photos.

neon print blazer with black sequin pants white tee with camel shorts and wristlet tribal print wrap dress with strappy flats pastel outfit with peep toe stilettos

In the photography world, a lower angle visually stretches your figure making you look taller and leaner, especially if you’re standing or sitting. However, be careful going too low to avoid making your stature disproportionally larger and heavier, especially if you’re curvy. So, look for the perfect angle that will work for you and create a long and lean illusion for a more flattering image.

  1. Take seated photos from a higher angle.

floral print slip on sneakers with white pants and blazer sleeveless jacket with leopard print sandals

Try a picture shot from above when seated and tilt your face up to meet the camera. This trick work best to give you a slimmer figure if you’re curvy while making your photo editorial-worthy. Like fashion blogger Jane Aldridge, balance your proportions by leaning your shoulders forward the camera as leaning back will just make you look shorter than you are. Go for the angle that will give a slim yet proportioned figure while making your street style photos natural and interesting.

  1. Embrace the golden hour.

burgundy blazer with button front skirt sexy white dress with chunky sandals burgundy sweater with black skirt and boots burgundy pants with structured coat

While you can’t go wrong with natural daylight, the golden hour or the time of day shortly after sunrise or before sunset, will create a moodier, glowing feel perfect for your street style photos. Just make sure you’re using a phone or camera that works well in lower light to avoid the over exposure on your looks. While going against the light sometimes work, better go for a good lighting facing your body to capture a great looking photo.

  1. Go for bright colors and fun prints.

cobalt blue dress with edgy boots yellow matching set with green blazer and pumps red and navy poncho hoodie with skinny jeans floral print top with boyfriend jeans

Without the proper lighting, there are colors that look blunt and dull in the photos especially gray, nude, beige, and black. To be sure you’ll have a vibrant look, go for bright and cheery shades like cobalt blue, red, yellow, tangerine, purple, emerald green, as well as colorful floral prints and such. You can still go for a monochromatic look and neutral shades if you’re not a fan of bright colors, but be sure to get good lighting and background to make your street style photos interesting.

  1. Relax and be natural on your expression.

miniskirt with V-neck blouse graphic print dress with jacket floral top with pastel pink skirt black dress with stiletto pumps

Relax your smile by closing your eyes first, and opening it before the shutter clicks. You may also put your tongue behind your teeth while you smile to avoid a too-wide grin when smiling for the picture. Forget about saying, “cheese!” as the hard “e” sound at the end of “money” actually helps to fake a more genuine smile. Also, look toward a light source to look at right before you take a photo to shrink your pupils, which minimizes your chances of having red-eye in the shot.

With our creative tricks, you’ll surely have the great, good-looking photos to boast on your street style looks.

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