6 Sexy Denim Skirt Styles to Play With Right Now

Denim skirts are back on trend and in case you haven’t already done your fair share of stocking up your wardrobe or if you don’t know which styles to go for just yet, check out these sexy denim skirt styles to play with right now.

  1. Front closing denim skirt – if you’re looking for a denim skirt style to give you a bit of that 90s vibe, one with front closing buttons might just be what you need. Pair it up with a striped shirt and you have yourself a classic look that you can wear any time.
  2. Distressed denim skirt – distressed jeans are all the rage right now so why not get into the trend but with a more feminine twist by wearing a distressed denim skirt. This is a great way to give your outfit a little rugged look that’s also sexy at the same time but without totally taking away the chic, girly feel of it.
  3. Denim skirt with a slit – skirts with a slit never fail to give us that sexy, vixen-esque look so why not wear a denim skirt with one? It’s a great way to inject your look with tons of that sexy charm without taking away the casual look and feel of the whole outfit. Front slit, side slit, slit both ways – it doesn’t really matter as long as you show off a sliver of skin, you’ll achieve that sly and sexy look for sure.
  4. Denim miniskirt – obviously, miniskirts are one of the sexiest denim skirt styles you can wear and if you’re all about showing off those toned, slender legs then by all means, have a go at it. Be sure to wear your best pair of heels to really bring attention to your supermodel status gams.
  5. High waisted denim skirts – got sexy curves? Show them off by slipping into one of those high waisted denim skirts. Denim is not very much of a figure hugging fabric but give the right cut, it sure can give you hell of a flattering silhouette. Don’t forget to complete the look with accessories to accentuate your curves even more for a daring, sexy, but also sophisticated look.
  6. Pencil cut denim skirt – another really easy way to show off your fantastic curves while wearing a denim skirt is to wear one in a pencil cut. Pencil cut skirts always hug your curves in all the right places and a denim one is no exception.


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