6 Secrets of Highly Confident and Stylish Women

Though our wardrobe choices should come naturally, the first step in coming into your own style is having the right mindset and being confident to the image you’re portraying. Regardless whether you’re aiming for comfort or style, keep on reading for the 6 secrets of highly confident and stylish women.

  1. Make your dressing fun and pleasurable.

colorful coat with ankle boots

fur coat with leather trousers and boots

For some women, dressing is all about comfort while for others, standing out is a priority. Regardless of your style and personality, make your dressing fun and pleasurable so you won’t be too conscious on how you look. If getting dressed every morning feels like pulling teeth, you’re doing it wrong. Confident and stylish women relax and enjoy what they’ve got to work with.

  1. Channel your artistic and creative skills on your outfit.

abstract print dress with red bag architectural outfit with boots

Your style is the most visible mode of self-expression as it’s an art-form. As you may observe, the styles of the decades are some of the greatest, most tangible examples of societal progression and cultural phenomena of each era. So, take pride in what you wear and what it says about you. You may start by wearing bold colors on your accessories, wearing an abstract print dress and such that will look creative yet stylish.

  1. Add a bit of interesting and exciting details to your looks.

red party dress with floral patterned pumps white top with skirt and ankle boots

Whether you wish for a sexy, simple, or trendy look, always add a bit of interest to your outfits. Just remember that “sexy” and “scandalous” are two very different things. True sexiness emerges from a self-confidence portrayed in our clothing choices combined with the way you carry yourself. Like fashion blogger Jenny Bernheim, you may think of a chic red dress teamed with pumps that look sexy yet modest. Highly confident and stylish women always wear the things that make them feel good. So, if you’re not feeling keen about what you’re wearing, it’s time to switch it up.

  1. Make everything stylish yet comfortable.

dress with navy coat zipped leggings with cardigan

Even if you’re a tee-and-jeans type of girl, you can still be stylish. Like fashion blogger Jenny Tsang, you may switch to a pair of oxfords that look edgy and trendy over a pair of heeled pumps that feel uncomfortable. Just make a habit of giving yourself credit for being you and loving it and don’t forget that confidence is the best accessory, so work it.

  1. Add some personality to your looks.

classy white suit with cozy coat slip dress with cozy coat

Don’t be misled! Styling yourself is not about hiding your identity. However, playing with clothing and outfit choices is a way to bring out different characters in your life. If you are feeling something, wear it. Like fashion blogger Jenny Tsang, think of a slip dress that feels sexy teamed with a cozy coat and edgy boots, making your trendy personality reflect your clothing choices.

  1. Don’t be afraid to try new things.

urban boho outfit with skinny scarf candy striped blanket scarf

Take the time to try new things. You may mix up the pieces you have in different ways. Like fashion blogger Ania Boniecka, you may think of layering minimalist pieces together that will create a polished yet trendy look. Just try on things that you would never normally wear so you’ll step outside of your style comfort zone gradually. Finding your own sense of style can be a challenge, but heeding our tricks will make you more fashionable and highly confident woman.

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