6 Rules to Streamline Your Style and Save

We often think that more pieces equate with more options, but in reality, it’s actually the opposite. Chances are you probably don’t even wear half of what’s in your closet and digging through the cluttered wardrobe will affect optimizing your personal appearance and stretching your budget. So, keep on reading for the 6 rules to streamline your style and save.

  1. Less is more.

navy dress with khaki bag

striped dress with canvas sneakers sheer blouse with nude trousers

Yes, minimalism is timeless that makes it one craze stands up to the hype. Clean lines, sharp structures, neutral palette, and streamlined silhouettes are some of the characteristics of minimalism that might help you to refresh your style and save. Limiting the number of items in your closet can save your time, money, and energy that will make your morning dressing sharp and efficient.

  1. Define your look and stick with it.

flirty shorts with black top tropical print off shoulder dress with gladiators overalls with tee and mercury sunglasses

While novelty transformation can be fun, consistency is most effective on a daily basis. By consciously choosing your signature style and streamlining your look, shopping and getting dressed becomes easier and more efficient. Also, having a clear sense of style pays off in the workplace as it gives you a confident and consistent personality. Whether you’re a casual cool girl who loves denim pieces or a trendy gal who has an eye for printed outfits, defining your style and sticking with it will help you get a clear image of yourself while keeping in mind your budget.

  1. Embrace neutrals.

black tee and wrap navy skirt with quilted bag white dress with lace up shoes layered outfit with modern sneakers

Though wearing color is fun and wild prints can make your style more creative, it can easily make your morning dressing frustrating about of the “nothing to wear” syndrome and require additional pieces for coordination. So, build a wardrobe with neutral pieces that can go well with anything. This way, you’ll make your basic ensembles complementary, which makes mixing and matching seem effortless. You may use the neutral base to create your go-to work uniform so you’ll cut down your time spent changing outfits in the morning. Creating a capsule wardrobe also works by considering dark colors like black and gray for fall and winter, while beige, cream, and white in the summer.

  1. Invest in quality everyday accessories.

chic bag with pastel top and checkered pants red quilted handbag with casual outfit colorful kicks with camel coat and jeans

Over-the-top costume jewelry and novelty bags can be fun for a night on the town, but when it comes to your everyday appearance, it’s best to invest in high-quality accessories that will stand the test of time. Structured bags, classic pumps, chic sunglasses, floppy hats and such are some of the timeless accessories you may go for, though having a pair of colorful sneakers, furry bag, brightly-colored clutch and statement necklace won’t hurt. Once you find your staple pieces, don’t force yourself to recreate the accessory wheel every day as you can make them your “second skin” adornment and wear on repeat.

  1. Minimize the duplicates on your closet.

fisherman chunky sweater with skirt and patent boots striped tee and frayed wrap skirt with platform sandals skinny jeans with pastel vest

Chances are you have not one but several pairs of black pants, button-down shirts, striped tee, denim jeans, chunky sweater and such, but it’s likely you regularly wear just one of them. Sometimes multiples are necessary if you wear something several times per week, or if you’re looking to stretch the life of a given item. But if three of your basic pieces just sit on the shelf and are never worn, maybe it’s time to cast them aside and to press pause the next time you reach for yet another pair.

  1. Shop only the needs over wants.

shirtdress with red clutch red summer dress with bag denim shorts with printed top

Though shopping can be fun, you have to think first whether you’re going to love that item after you’ve bought it or it will likely sit on your closet for years just like your other basics do. You may create a “wishlist” that you can buy for yourself when you need some reward from goals achieved, so you can identify specific pieces that are absent from your current wardrobe that you would like to buy wisely. Indeed, these rules will help you streamline your style and save so keep them in mind when heading to fashion boutiques that might urge you to buy unnecessary items.

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