6 Risky Fashion Combos that Pay Off

There are a ton of unofficial rules when it comes to fashion and style but sometimes, the best looks come from breaking these rules. I’m not much of a rule breaker myself but every once in a while, when I’m feeling a little adventurous, I do tend to dress out of the box and try to go for unusual combos and, believe it or not, the results are almost always stunning. If you’re looking for a way to have fun with fashion check out these risky fashion combos that pay off.

  1. Socks and sandals – there was a time when wearing socks with sandals was considered an abomination in the fashion industry. Today, though, it is one of the risky fashion combos that pay off really well. Socks and sandals together create a fun look with just the right hint of retro – a perfect combo on a day when you need something quirky to add to your look.socks and sandals outfit red and gray
    socks and sandals
  2. Double stripes – wearing stripes on stripes may seem like a sure way to commit fashion suicide but, trust me, it works. The key to pulling this combo off? Wear different kinds of stripes. Don’t do the same kind of stripes together in one outfit.double stripes outfit double pink stripes top and skirt
  3. Gold and silver – remember when you had to choose between gold and silver for your jewelry? Well, as it turns out, combining the two is the best way to go! Gold and silver together may seem like an unlikely combo but it’s a surefire way to get that young, hip, fun vibe going in your look.gold and silver stacked bracelets silver and gold jewelry
  4. Dress and pants – dresses and pants together have long been considered an odd fashion combo but with today’s more accepting fashion culture, this combo is almost considered a norm. Pants and dresses are a thing and they’re really fun to rock, especially if you want a look that’s both edgy and chic.dress over pants outfit in black and white dress with pants
  5. Skirt and suspenders – we are so used to seeing suspenders attached to jeans that when we saw them clipped on skirts during Fashion Week, we were pleasantly surprised. Though it may seem odd, skirts and suspenders actually make a great combo. The result is a look that’s both bun and fresh.suspenders with skirt suspenders with skirt outfit
  6. Birkenstocks and dresses – Birks are usually reserved for street style looks that involve jeans but who knew they would look so cool with dresses as well? Even a slightly dressier ensemble can be paired with Birkenstocks if you want to dress it down.

birks and white summer dress birks and slitted dress


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