6 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Eco-Fashion

Every time you spend money on fashion, you’re telling the industry what they should do. The fashion industry might be telling you to buy trendy items to make your style fashionable and chic. However, a green wardrobe has benefits that one made up of traditional fabrics doesn’t. We’ve broken it down into six simple reasons why stocking your closet with eco-friendly clothing choices makes a difference.

  1. It’s better for the earth.

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The fashion industry leaves behind a huge environmental footprint, from the pesticides used in growing cotton to the toxic dyes that contributed to the devastation of the environment. Instead of going for conventional cotton alone that requires a third of a pound of chemicals just to make one t-shirt, think of organic fibers or sustainable fabrics like those made from bamboo or hemp that can trim chemicals you bring into your life.

  1. It’s better for animals.

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Make sure your closet is stocked with cruelty-free clothes so you can get dressed without worrying about what went into what you’re wearing. You may love the look of real leather boots or fur coats you saw on the runway, but the life of the animal that gave up its skin should have you thinking twice about buying them. So, better embrace faux leather or faux fur to keep your style environment-friendly.

  1. It’s more personal.

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By choosing eco-friendly clothes, you won’t risk showing up at work in the same off-the-rack style as your coworkers, and your ensembles won’t have the carbon footprint of brands shipped all over the country. So, check nearby boutiques for fashions from designers in your area to keep your favorite pieces fitting perfectly.

  1. It’s easier and cheaper to take care of your clothes.

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By going environment friendly clothes, you’ll make a difference in your wardrobe’s maintenance. Eco-clothes are just fine with the cold cycle that will trim your energy use as compared to hot water and use biodegradable detergent. At the same time, give yourself a break from the dry cleaner to save time, money, and resources.

  1. It lasts longer.

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While going for organic, renewable fibers is often the least toxic way to go, finding timeless, durable pieces can be just as green. Instead of wearing those trendy organic leggings for just one season, invest in classic shapes, chic silhouettes, and foolproof colors that you can flaunt for years to come. This way, you’ll reduce waste than stocking up on unnecessary fashion items.

  1. It’s more than just organic.

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We’ve already mentioned local designers and timeless pieces, but sustainable clothing also includes vintage pieces and handmade options. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to look stylish while being environment-friendly.

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