6 Pieces to Wear with Flared Overalls

If you’ve spent the past few years religiously living in your skinny jeans and straight-leg pants, you aren’t alone. But the retro flares are back that can be seen on jeans, dressy trousers, and even overalls. With the return of ’70s style, they are back and better than ever. Carefree, wild, and bohemian-inspired, flared overalls are trendy yet challenging to pull off. The key is to balance and complement the flared silhouette so you’ll end up looking polished and sleek regardless of style you’re in. So, keep on reading for the 6 pieces you can wear with your flared overalls.

  1. Plain Fitted Top

flared overalls with fitted sweater

flared overalls with fitted tee flared overalls with black top

When wearing the flared silhouette, keeping the fit and balance is the key. If you have a longer or shorter torso, try and find a pair of overalls with adjustable straps so there is no gapping or pulling in the crotch area. To keep everything sleek, team your flared overalls with a plain fitted top whether it’s a sweater or a tee. This way, you’ll keep your flared silhouette the focal point of your outfit while looking streamlined on your top part.

  1. Striped Sweater

striped sweater with overalls off shoulder striped top with flared overalls knitted-rainbow-stripe-sweater with burgundy overalls

Wearing prints on your top pieces can be great to add some flair to your street style. Stripes, however, are an almost guaranteed home run. Channel your inner sailor with a Breton striped sweater and you’ll look adorable. Or, channel some retro vibe like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur by going for a striped off-shoulder top and flared denim overalls with a saddlebag and platform sandals. Or, look playful with a candy striped top that can also balance your flared silhouette.

  1. Bell Sleeved or Puff Sleeved Top

bell sleeved blouse with flared overalls pussy bow blouse with flared overalls off shoulder floral top with flared overalls lace blouse with burgundy overalls

If you’re going for a pair of roomy, slouchy overalls, opt for an ultra feminine shirt underneath. Lace tops, off shoulder tops, ruffled and frilly details, pussy bow blouse, and bell sleeved tops will help balance out the more masculine silhouette. Puff sleeved blouse in a lace fabric like fashion blogger Jenny Bernheim is wearing look more romantic and feminine, while the bell-sleeved blouse like fashion blogger Aimee Song is wearing look more carefree and retro that can make your bohemian style a bit modern.

  1. Collared Top

collared shirt with flared overalls collared top with flared overalls

Add some structured details with collared tops, preferably a white button-down shirt that looks crisp and classy. Just complete your street looks with a great hair color, a fringe bag, or maybe a brightly colored pair of shoes.

  1. Turtleneck Top

turtleneck top with denim overalls turtleneck with overalls

Depending on the season, turtleneck tops can balance the flared silhouette as it elongates your body line making you look taller in a flared silhouette. It’s up to you to add additional layers if necessary. Like fashion blogger Danielle Bernstein, think of a fringed suede jacket that can add texture to your outfit.

  1. Platform or Block Heels

striped top with  flared overalls flared overalls with platform sandals

The best shoes for flared pants are platforms or block-heeled sandals that will balance your silhouette while adding some retro flair to your looks. Indeed flared overalls are trendy and fashion-forward that will make your street style more expressive and cool.

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