6 Outfits That Make Camel and White a Great Color Combo

Whether it is for the minimalist fashionistas or the fashion-forward and savvy business lady or even us ordinary fashion lovers, this will be a great color combo to add into your mental list of future outfits to wear.

Not only are white and camel neutral colors that can be worn together in any shade or fabric, camel is also one of those colors that will make your wardrobe look more expensive than it actually is. Along with white, this makes for an inherently simple yet also sophisticated look.

Below we give you 6 outfit ideas that will surely convince you that white and camel is a great color combo to wear.

  1. Have one of the two colors be dominant
    You can have either a dominantly white or dominantly camel outfit and then add one piece in the other color. This is like nearly monochromatic except for that one piece of clothing. I find that choosing a shade of camel that is so light, it’s almost close to white makes this great because there’s that lightness as well as a minimal sophistication to it.oversized camel coat and white outfit
    camel outfit and white pants
  2. Wear a camel skirt or dress
    A skirt or a dress is an easy way to convey femininity and if you wear a camel skirt or dress and pair it with a white top or blazer, this could make a more classy look. It is a bonus if your clothes have clean and simple lines. This makes for a sleek look.white shirt and camel skirt white coat and camel dress
  3. Wear a pair of camel pants
    Where a skirt or a dress creates a more formal and feminine look, a pair of camel pants will make for a more casual look. But this, of course, will depend on the silhouette of your outfit. A cuffed wide-leg camel pants pared-down with an equally loose top offers a slouchy look. But a skinny camel pants paired with a ruffled top embraces luxury and formality more.white top and camel loose pants white top and camel pants
  4. Layer a white outfit with a camel coat
    There is a reason why the perennially classic trench coat is perennially classic. Partly, as we already mentioned, this is because of how camel can elevate and make a clothes more expensive looking. But also, it’s because the camel coat can be worn with anything. An all-white outfit is a great example.white top and pants and camel trench white outfit and camel coat and ankle boots
  5. Accessorize your white outfit with a camel bag
    Another way for you to wear a white and camel outfit is to make camel an accent color. You can do this by having a complete white outfit and then accessorizing with a camel bag.white dress and camel bag white pantsuit with camel undershirt and purse
  1. Channel your inner ranger with a white shirt and camel vest
    You can also channel your inner ranger or adventure-lover by looking exceptionally adventure chic in a white button shirt and layer a camel vest over it.white shirt and camel vest

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