6 Outfits for Short Torso Ladies

Do you have a short torso? Dressing up might be a problem before, but not anymore! You can create the illusion of a longer torso with these outfits for short torso ladies.

Untucked Top

Outfits for short ladies need not be complicated. If you want to elongate your trunk, it can be as simple as leaving your top untucked. Whether it’s a graphic shirt or a cashmere sweater, an untucked top can lengthen your frame in an instant! It’s easy to do as well, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try this out for size!

tuck out top

tuck out blouse

Long Top

If you want to elongate your trunk, then it is but essential that you wear a long top! This is one of the easiest outfits for short torso ladies, as you can wear any style you want – as long as it offers a good length. Do remember though that if you are petite, avoid long tops that go beyond your knuckles – or else you will look like you are swimming in a swathe of fabric.

long top long gray top

Plunging V-Neck Pieces

A plunging V-neck top or dress is not just for bosomy ladies. They make for great outfits for short torso ladies as well! A low V-neck piece can do wonders because it draws the eyes down towards the rest of your body. With a plunging V-neck item, you can promote your femininity – and elongate your trunk line all at the same time.

low vneck top plunging dress

Drop Waist Dress

Outfits for short torso ladies don’t need much styling and pizzazz. It’s as simple as throwing on a drop waist dress. This miracle of an outfit is the perfect dress option for short torso girls, as it has the magical component of lengthening your trunk. Most importantly, it helps you retain your feminine flair – something you would definitely like if you are opting for a girly look.

drop waist dresses drop waist dress

Cuffed Pants

Outfits for short torso ladies are not just about lengthening the body line. Sometimes, it’s about balancing your over-all look. A good way to do so is to wear cuffed pants. These hot denims are not only fashionable, they can balance your body by shortening your leg line – in a good way, of course.

cuffed jeans cuffed pants

Elongating Accessories

If you want to create the illusion of a longer trunk, then what you need are elongating accessories. These can greatly complement the outfits for short torso ladies. Most importantly, they draw the eye down your body – making your torso look leaner and longer. Examples of good elongating accessories are long necklaces and long skinny scarves.

long scarf long necklace

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