6 Outfit Styles to Wear with Cut-out Boots

Cut-out boots are somewhat edgy and grungy, but you’ll still find a dressier style that will suit your fashion personality. They’re the boots with open portions that may extend down onto the vamp, all-over the boots’ surface, around the ankle area, or on the shaft area of the foot that creates the “cut-out” effect. Though they might be challenging to wear in rainy or cold weather, you may still add some interesting, fresh, and new touches on your typical outfits with them.

  1. Casual Outfits

eclectic leather jacket and skinny jeans with cut out boots

flannel shirt and denim shorts with cut out boots gladiator boots with sexy outfit statement boots with casual chic outfit

The point of the boots’ style is to showcase their cut-out parts, and not hide them under trousers or jeans. So when opting for your bottom pieces, better opt for casual Bermuda shorts, denim cutoff shorts, denim button front skirts, skorts and such. You may wear a pair of cropped jeans with them or roll up your hem till on the similar height of the shaft so you can wear your favorite boyfriend jeans, straight legs, or skinny jeans with them. Even you’re just wearing a pair of slouchy boyfriend jeans and a white button-down shirt, or skinny jeans and leather jacket, these boots can still make a statement for you.

  1. Edgy Outfits

edgy trousers and fur jacket with cut out boots leather jacket and trousers with cut out boots leather skirt and knitted top with cut out boots tomboy chic outfit with cut out boots

If you’re a fan of leather ensembles like a leather skirt, dress, shorts, leggings, trousers, jacket and such, these cut-out boots will be perfect for you. Cut out boots have their own edgy statement that can be very complementing the vibe you’re trying to get. Leather boots in cut out style are edgy already, but you can still look for ones in patent leather finish with buckles, studs, spikes, and even metallic trims for a more eye-catching statement.

  1. Printed Outfits

checkered skirt and crop top with cut out boots printed dress with cut out boots quirky pants and leather top with cut out boots tartan skirt with cut out boots

Wearing prints and patterns is another way of adding some interest and dimension to your looks. The great thing about this is prints and patterns absolutely work well with cut out boots complementing their cut out structures and styles. For a great contrast, you opt for abstract and novelty prints with irregular shapes to soften the edges of your cut out boots. Or, you may look for geometric prints with sharp edges to complement the boots’ structure instead creating a more coordinated street style outfit.

  1. Eclectic Outfits

eclectic jacket and skirt with cut out boots eclectic outfit with cut out boots green fur coat with casual outfit and cut out boots maxi skirt and layered top with cut out boots statement cut-out boots with coat

Eclectic outfits or those unconventional, trendy, and unique ensembles can work well with cut out boots to make a bolder statement. However, if you don’t have those outfits, create your own eclectic style by layering fashion pieces that are not supposed to be worn together like a short sleeve top with a long-sleeved sweater or a dress with a skirt. This way, you’re making your style more intentional and expressive to reflect your personality.

  1. Sophisticated and Feminine Outfits

asymmetrical dress with boots body con dress with statement bag and cut out boots feminine outfit with cut out boots statement boots with dressfishnet boots with knitted dress

When picking feminine dresses, keep it simple and muted in color, but stick to feminine silhouette like a body con one. A knitted bodycon dress will work perfectly with a pair of laser-cut thigh high boots, and a neutral-colored asymmetric dress with cut-out ankle boots. If you’re just wearing a chic button shirt and dressy shorts, you may top your looks with a trench coat that add more sophistication to your looks without overshadowing the edginess of your cut-out boots.

  1. Bohemian Outfits

shift dress with cut out boots floral dress with cut out boots boho dress with cut out boots

Bohemian or hippie fashion style is known to be the most carefree look with wild details like tassels and fringes. However, you can still wear the bohemian look with your flirty dresses and boho-inspired prints. Just polish your looks with boho-inspired accessories like a cowboy hat, suede bag, and trade your pair of fringe boots with a pair of cut-out boots that can make your look modern and edgy.

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