6 New Fashion Faux Pas You Must Avoid

Though there are many fashion faux pas made trendy, there are still ones you must be careful committing if you don’t want to steal unwanted attention. There are women who still believe that wearing red and pink together is a mortal sin, or that socks and sandals are the paragon of bad taste. Though some rules are meant to be broken, that doesn’t mean you have to forgo etiquette and great impressions. So, keep on reading for the 6 new fashion faux pas you must avoid.

  1. Wearing “space-invader clothes”.

avant garde ruffled outfit with pearl clutch

statement outfit with red heels geometric structured dress avant garde white ruffled dress

Unless you’re a street style star, celebrity, or fashion editor that set rules and trend in the fashion world, you must be careful wearing space-invader clothes. Though Fashion Week is known for eccentric and avant-garde looks of the attendees, think of the impression you’re going to give as if you’re trying too hard to steal attention. Though some avant-garde clothes might work, keep them chic and smart so you’ll look more fashionable than trying too hard.

  1. Donning offensive graphic tees.

graphic tee with blazer graphic top with patent leather skirt graphic top with leather skirt graphic tee with jeans

Graphic tees are meant to create a bold statement. However, be careful of the statement you’re trying to make as it reflects your individuality. Some clothes that literally spell out a statement make for some of the worst outfits. If it’s a simple moniker or phrase that holds special meaning for you, that’s great, but if it’s something offensive, provocative, or humiliating, you must be careful wearing it.

  1. Jumping on bandwagon.

carwash skirt with plain tee sneakers with checkered skirt quirky hoodies with grunge outfit

No matter how trendy or cool the outfits are, if a trend doesn’t fit you, there’s no reason to go for it. Instead, let the bandwagon pass without jumping on it as you’re better off staying true to your own aesthetic than forcing something that doesn’t feel natural.

  1. Buying direct knock-offs.

quilted bag with breezy outfit sporty cool outfit with bag quilted bag with casual outfit and gladiators

The line between original and “inspired by” is a very blurry one these days. There are structured details, patent logos, and signature style in each designer brands, which are being copied by cheaper manufacturers to sell their products in a “play safe” style. Though not everyone could ever possibly spot a copycat item, buying literal knock-offs or the illegal products you find in a back alley somewhere that contribute to an international network of crime are always tacky.

  1. Wearing sunglasses indoors.

geometric print dress with retro sunglasses and shoes chevron printed clutch tree print dress

Sunglasses are meant to shade your eyes from the sun while keeping you fashionable. However, there are many reasons for wanting to wear sunglasses when there’s not actually any sun in your face like trying to hide tired eyes, or to appear aloof. But, in public, be mindful that it can show disrespect to the person you’re with especially indoors. It’s not patently offensive, but it definitely sends strong “I’m not interested on you” statement.

  1. Basing your shopping decisions on price tags.

lace top with white culottes knitted dress with sneakers

Though we all know that an item’s merit comes from a variety of different things, which may contribute to a high price, wearing price tags or brand labels on your shirt or tees may send unwanted impressions. And if you’re basing your shopping decisions entirely on what’s most expensive, you have your blinders on. So, take these guidelines into consideration so you’ll keep your style fashionable while staying appropriate.

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