6 Most Stylish London Girls

Every city has its finest, most stylish round of girls who dominate the fashion scene, and London is no different. It Girls from London are always on top of their game, looking posh and pretty on and off duty. If you’re a keen follower of British fashion, you know that some of the best style stars hail from the city of London. Here are the most stylish London girls to check out now.

  1. Alexa Chung – Alexa Chung has always been one of the chicest, most stylish gals, not only in London but in all of the UK as well. Her style has strong retro references, though she manages to make each and every look up-to-date and sophisticated.alexa-chung-classic-fall-style
    alexa-chung-cute-neutrals alexa-chung-fashion-week
  2. Iris Law – being the daughter of Jude Law and Sadie Frost, it should be no surprise that Iris Law is a pro in the style department. Her style consists of fun, fresh, and fabulous pieces that are perfect for her age which, if you ask me, isn’t common enough for the young ones in the fashion industry.iris-law-louis-vuitton iris-law-teen-vogue
  3. Poppy Delevingne – her sister Cara may be one of the most popular style stars of today, but Poppy Delevingne isn’t so shabby herself when it comes to the fashion and style department. In one word, you could say Poppy’s style is divine. Ever so chic and sophisticated, Poppy is certainly one of the London It GIrls you’ll want to follow.poppy-d-boho-glam poppy-d-holiday-glam-sparkle-outfit poppy-d-red-carpet-style poppy-d-summer-white
  4. Pandora Lennard – even before she recently skyrocketed to fame in Hollywood news for being “the girl Harry Styles spent the night with while he was dating Kendall (Jenner),” Pandora Lennard was already being followed by a ton of women for her great taste in fashion. One look at her blog and you’ll see why this London lass is one of the best dressed in the city.pandora-lennard-red-head pandora-lennard pandora-lennard-outfit
  5. Caroline Issa – she may not be a London native but Canadian-born and London-based Caroline Issa is one of the top players in the fashion and style game in the city. Her multi-cultural beauty and her spot-on taste in fashion is the perfect combo that will send any established fashionista a run for their money.caroline-issa-double-print caroline-issa-fashion-week-style caroline-issa-gorgeous-outfit caroline-issa-printed-dress
  6. Charlie XCX – you may know her more as the singer behind the hits “Boom Clap,” “Vroom Vroom,” and “London Queen,” but aside from being a very talented musician, Charlie XCX is also a very fashionable style star. Her outfits are always cool, hip, and on point which, I think, is fitting for the kind of music she does.charlie-xcx-funky-style charlie-xcx-red-carpet


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