6 Most Iconic Wedding Dresses of All Time


With the upcoming royal wedding and all the June brides gushing, we can’t help but get wedding fever. If there’s one thing ladies love looking at, married, engaged, or not, it’s wedding dresses. We’re all excited to see what Meghan Markle’s dress will look like, but in the meantime, let’s revel in these beauties. Here are the most iconic wedding dresses of all time.


Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn set the bar high when it came to wedding dresses from her time. She’s worn quite a few wedding dresses in films, but the one she wore for her own wedding was the best. It was simple, sweet and chic with a floral crown to boot.

audrey hepburn wedding dress

Princess Diana

Say what you will about Princess Diana but her wedding dress deserves to go down in history as one of the most iconic wedding dresses of all time. Her gown was everything a little girl could dream of. It’s perfect for the fairytale she lived.

princess diana princess diana wedding dress

Gwen Stefani

We knew Gwen wouldn’t settle for some boring old wedding dress, but we didn’t really expect her to go as bold as she did with her wedding gown. Her pink ombre hemmed wedding gown was the perfect combination of romantic and punky edge. This prompted brides to be more adventurous with their bridal looks. See for yourself.gwen stefani pink wedding dress gwen stefani


Keira Knightley

I remember seeing Keira’s wedding dress and going “aww, that’s so cute!” And, indeed, it was. Hers was nothing like any traditional wedding dress. It wasn’t white, nor was it long or heavily embellished. Instead, the actress chose to go with a Chanel number that she, take note, already owned. She paired it up with a light jacket, some sunnies, and flats and away they went to get married.keira knightley outfit keira knightley


Olivia Palermo

Another modern bride whose wedding dress took the world by storm is Olivia Palermo. The fashion icon went for a very simple and contemporary look by wearing a cashmere sweater and pairing it up with a romantic lace skirt. The cherry on top of this very stylish cake? Her iconic blue Manolos which is every girl’s dream wedding shoes.

olivia palermo wedding dress outfit olivia palermo

Kate Middleton

Last, but not least, on this list is Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, of course. The Duchess went for a very classy lace dress on her big day which suited her looks and her personality perfectly.kate middleton wedding dress kate middleton


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