6 Modern Ways to Wear Kimono

Soft and unstructured, kimono may seem a bit outdated since we probably most accustomed to seeing them worn over boot cut or flared jeans and peasant blouses that look a bit vintage. Looking for modern ways to wear your kimonos? Keep on reading for eclectic possibilities to wear your arty piece.

  1. Kimono with Denim Jeans

kimono robe with denim jeans

kimono with denim jeans and white tee kimono with graphic top and white jeans

Denim jeans are one of the basic essentials that never go out of style while giving you some casual feel and laid back looks. Wearing them with slightly flared or boot cut style of jeans can make them look vintagey, so opt for modern styles of denim jeans like high-waist, cropped styles, and even skinny jeans to make them look a bit modern. You may go for a pair of classic pumps or sneakers to wear with your outfit since chunky leather boots will only bring your look back to 70s.

  1. Kimono with Denim Shorts

cropped kimono with denim shorts denim shorts with kimono denim shorts with printed kimono black denim shorts with fringe bandeau top and kimono

Looking for sexy and romantic way to wear your kimono? Then pair them with a pair of denim shorts. By wearing it open and flowing, thereby hinting at your shape under the unstructured piece, the effect is just as alluring, but a little mysterious. Fashion blogger Jessica Ricks creatively wore her kimono with a fringed bandeau top and black denim shorts that created a sexy yet romantic vibe. Kimonos also have three-dimensional appeal because the loose lightweight piece flows and flaps as you stride, thereby creating an interesting effect as it drapes in motion.

  1. Kimono with Leather Trousers

printed kimono with leather trousers edgy kimono with leather trousers and drawstring bucket bag

To modernize your kimono, incorporate some current trends into the outfit to modernize the piece. Leather trousers, for instance, can create an edgy and tough girl look perfect for your street style. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, add some life to your all-black outfit with a printed kimono. Polish your outfit with edgy leather boots and bag adding some edge to your urban chic looks.

  1. Kimono with Printed Outfit

floral dress with lace kimono floral print romper with kimono kimono with printed mini dress printed dress with kimono printed outfit with chic kimono tribal print romper with kimono

Whether you’re a fan of floral or abstract prints, kimono will add some flair to your printed pieces. You may think of wearing your floral dress with a lace kimono, or an abstract print romper with a solid-colored kimono to make your style a bit current. For a trendier look, you may even think of mixing your prints by wearing a printed outfit with your printed kimono that looks very fashion-forward and modern.

  1. Kimono with Chic Outfit

black kimono with chic shorts black romper with black kimono printed kimono with chic outfit

If you think kimonos are only for your street style, think again as they can be worn with more formal occasions depending on the fabric, style, and color it’s made of. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, think of your chic button-down shirt and pencil skirt that you usually wear to your office. They can be spiced up by a printed kimono made from fine silk or satin that can still look appropriate for office while giving you some personality.

  1. Kimono with Bohemian Pieces

fringed kimono with ankle strap sandals boho romper with kimono boho chic outfit with kimono

Ideally a bohemian piece, kimono easily creates the carefree and wild spirited vibe perfect for a bohemian street style. Knee-length styles are best suited to gals with height, but the shorter versions are suited to everyone. We’re having overwhelmingly long lengths and sleeves shortened to keep proportions attractive. Just pick those kimonos with fringe details, earthy shades, and tribal prints to channel your bohemian style. Also, kimonos are great to wear unstructured structure, and a super layering piece for hot weather.

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