6 LWD Outfits for Fall

The LBD is a true wardrobe staple, and so is the LWD. Known as the little white dress, this immaculate and pristine frock can freshen up your entire look. While it’s more for summer, here are some LWD outfits for fall that you should try out.

No Sweat

A sweater is a definite fall staple. Because of its fashionable warming powers, a sweater can glamorize your LWD outfits for fall. Having a LWD is like having a blank slate – so you can wear whatever sweater you want this immaculately-colored ensemble.

white dress and sweater

white dress with sweater

Rock it out in Leather

A leather jacket is as classic as the LWD. With that being said, a leather jacket can complete your LWD outfits for fall. Not only will it put a bit of rock star angst into your ensemble, a leather jacket can keep you warm as well. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!

LWD with leather jacket LWD and leather jacket

Perk it up with Plaid

A plaid shirt is a must-have for every girl, as it is a good styling piece from summer to winter. With that being said, a plaid shirt is another topper you should consider when it comes to LWD outfits for fall. The checkered design adds color and dimension to your simple LWD.

plaid top and LWD plaid shirt with LWD

Do it with Denim

With its casual look, a denim shirt or chambray shirt can help toughen up your LWD outfits for fall. Any of these layering ideas are particularly good especially if you want to keep warm and chic for the cold autumn nights. Put on some vibrant accessories for a casual look that can transcend from day to night.

denim shirt and LWD jean jacket and LWD

Militarize it

LWD outfits for fall usually focus on girly, ethereal elements. If you plan on creating a style that’s hip and funky, then make sure to wear your LWD with a military-themed jacket. It can be a camo jacket or a double breasted coat. No matter what choice you make, a military-inspired topper can toughen up your soft, feminine LWD.

army jacket and LWD army jacket with LWD

Put on Some Pants

Layering a dress over pants is one of the foremost trends for fall. Following this style, it will be fitting if you try this combo for your LWD outfits for fall. What’s great about the LWD is that it goes with all types of colors and styles. In fact, you can treat your LWD as a playful alternative to your boring button-down tops for work.

Images by Jesse Maricic & Micah Gianneli | info@controlecreatif.com | www.controlecreatif.com

white dress and pants

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