6 Kim Kardashian Hairstyles for Springtime

Kim Kardashian is more than just a fashion icon, she’s a hair maven as well! If you want some new ideas for your locks this spring, then make sure to consider the ever-changing Kim Kardashian hairstyles, as shown below.

Messy Waves

Contrary to popular beliefs, Kim Kardashian hairstyles aren’t always for red carpet occasions. There are ‘dos that you can wear whenever, wherever as well. One stellar example is the messy wave. This disheveled look is one of Kim’s favorite styles, as it is stylish and low-maintenance. To get the doting mother’s look, use dry shampoo prior to teasing and tousling your hair.

messy hair

messy hairstyle

Sideswept Waves

Kim Kardashian hairstyles are mostly about glamour and flair. If you are planning to attend an upscale event – but don’t have the time or money to go to a stylist – then try on Kim’s sideswept waves. Not only is it perfect for nighttime galas, sideswept waves can conceal your growing bangs as well. So if you have a problem concealing your growing tresses, then sweep them to the sides – and settle them in with hairspray.

sideswept curls sideswept hair

Barrel Curls

Want to achieve a pin-up look that Mrs. Kanye West is known for? Then one of the Kim Kardashian hairstyles to try out is that of barrel curls. Perfect for shorter hairstyles, this ‘do can help you achieve a sexy bombshell look – ala Marilyn Monroe.

kim curls kim barrel curls

Sleek Ponytail

Are you looking for Kim Kardashian hairstyles that you can take from day to night? Worry not cause the answer is her favorite sleek ponytail. To get Kim’s polished look, straighten out your hair with a ceramic iron first. A simple black ponytail holder will do you well, but it wouldn’t hurt if you try a colorful or bedazzled one.

ponytail ponytail hair

Honey Waves

Kim Kardashian hairstyles are almost always bathed in black. But if you want to have a softer color, then go for a honey hue. Like Kim, you can achieve the beach goddess looks by wearing your tresses in soft, wavy curls.

messy waves honey waves

Platinum Lob

If you are aiming for a major hair change this spring, then the platinum lob is one of the Kim Kardashian hairstyles that you need to try out. This shocker of a hairstyle debuted on Kim’s Elle cover, and needless to say, it has inspired many girls to go out and go wild with their locks! If you want a revolutionary look that will shock many, then make sure to emulate Kim’s bright lob.

platinum lob platinum hair

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