6 Keys to Create More Outfits with Lesser Pieces

Wearing an outfit implies you’ve got it together, not how many pieces you own or how you keep a detailed spreadsheet of complex combinations. Looking for ways to create more outfits with lesser pieces? Keep on reading for our 6 keys so you’ll wear your existing ensembles in multiple ways.

  1. Focus on versatility.



Regardless how many ensembles you have in your closet, wearing an “outfit” implies you’ve got it together, you’re polished and you’ve taken the time to invest in your appearance. Many women have a stuffed closet yet nothing to wear because their ensembles are not versatile enough to create multiple outfits. Instead of focusing on quantity or elaborate fashion formulas, focus on a few versatile items you can wear a lot. Like fashion blogger Nika Huk, go for plain and muted colors on your ensembles, as well as classic prints that you can wear with anything.

  1. Start with a neutral pair of shoes.

nude-pumps-with-light-weight-coat-and-casual-outfit white-wedge-pumps-with-tie-dye-top-with-cut-out-skirt

A good place to start is with a neutral pair of shoes. However, if you had to commit to just one work shoe, the most versatile is not black or white. It’s nude or tan as you can wear it with black, gray, brown, and other shades as well. Nude heels are the perfect work wardrobe staple because they go with everything. Like fashion blogger Nika Huk, opt for a pair of nude pumps that can give you a little lift on your casual street style. Also, they’re classic so buy a good quality pair without a lot of trendy details so you can wear them for years. A great thing, they can tone down a busy outfit.

  1. Break up black and white.

black-dress-with-statement-sneakers-and-scarf black-vest-with-white-top-and-gray-jeans

Black and white combination is timeless and safe colors for most contexts. But too much of either isn’t the best recipe for personal differentiation. Like fashion blogger Janni Deler, refresh your black dress by wearing it with a pair of white sneakers with red accents. This way, black and white will look a lot less boring.

  1. Transition your outfits to evening with metallic ensembles.

metallic-gold-blouse-with-white-pants metallic-gold-pants-with-white-vest-and-belt

Metallic ensembles are perfect for evening events, but can sometimes be overkill in the office. Like fashion blogger Dawilda Gonzalez, go for a pair of metallic gold pants or a white blouse to make your office ensembles perfect for the evening look.

  1. Find comfort in polish.

sneakers-with-chic-casual-dress wedge-sandals-with-high-waist-shorts-with-floral-top

Comfort need not equate with sloppiness. So, find an antidote to comfortable sloppiness with your footwear. Like fashion blogger Sydne Summer, go for a pair of wedge sandals to look chic on your street style. Also, a pair of canvas sneakers will go well with casual dresses and jeans.

  1. Embrace monochromatic or lighten up.

urban-chic-outfit-with-sling-bag pastel-pink-dress-with-nude-heels

A monochromatic look is sleek, sophisticated, and slimming. And creating a monochromatic outfit is a fresh alternative to all-black. Also, you can let your outfits mimic nature and swap out some darker shades for a lighter look. Silk and soft pastels are sophisticated, yet fresh. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to create more outfits with lesser pieces.

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