6 Key Spring Fashion Pieces

Spring style is all about looking good and feeling great. Be able to achieve these with the key spring fashion pieces that you need to have in your closet.

Floral Dress

Spring is of course, incomplete, without one of its key spring fashion pieces: the floral dress. While wearing your favorite frock is a safe choice, you can always go out of the box and go for bolder prints and head-spinning colors. With a floral dress, you’re sure to look dainty wherever you go!

spring dress

floral dress

Anything with Stripes

Like floral prints, anything striped is one of the key spring fashion pieces that you need to have. Although it’s very traditional, you can always revitalize your look by choosing colorful striped pieces. Be it a boat neck top, skirt, or dress, striped fashions are sure to make you look chic this lovely spring season.

striped top striped skirt

Off-Shoulder Blouse

Showing some skin is one of the trademark styles of spring. With that being said, one of the spring fashion pieces that you need to possess is the off-shoulder blouse. This sexy yet conservative blouse is the perfect choice for revealing skin without going overboard. Pair it with trousers or a pencil skirt for an office-appropriate look.

off shoulder blouse off shoulder top

Patchwork Bag

Spring is all about embracing different sizes, shapes, and colors. Remain true to this by going around town in a patchwork bag. This colorful satchel is one of the best spring fashion pieces to have because it embodies the spirit of spring – color! Since patchwork bags come in a variety of sizes and shapes, there’s no problem in having a small one – and a big one just as well.

patchwork bag patchwork satchel

Flat Sandals

While wearing heels is a must for every girl, there are times when you need to rest your feet from the strain. For these moments, you will thoroughly enjoy one of the best spring fashion pieces – flat sandals. Wearable with almost everything, the flat sandals is your key to looking good – without corns, calluses, and what not.

flat sandals flat slippers


If you want to boost your height without placing much burden on your feet, your best choice for footwear is the flatform. As the name suggests, it elevates your height, without putting your stature in an uncomfortable position. What’s great about flatforms is that they look formal enough to be worn at work or at night escapades. If you wish to feel good in such occasions, then flatforms should be included in your list of spring fashion pieces.

black flatforms flatforms

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