6 Important Lessons You Can Learn from Fashion

Fashion seems an unlikely place to learn life’s most important lessons as if you’re not into it, you might find it shallow and unreal. But as with anything in life, the key is to keep your eyes and your mind open. Apart from looking our best and expressing our individuality through the clothes you’re wearing, you might want to know the 6 important lessons you can learn from fashion.

  1. You have to be yourself and wear what you want.



Don’t let silly trends dictate what you wear or who you are. Wear what you love, what makes you feel the best, and what you want. Like fashion blogger Nika Huk, you may simply stick to your favorite jeans and tee, but spice it up with colorful sandals that will make your outfit interesting, instead of going for trends that you don’t feel wearing.

  1. Whatever you’re wearing, attitude and confidence matter.

gladiators-with-pleated-skirt summer-dress-with-denim-jacket-and-fall-boots

We’ve all seen the woman who walks into a party dressed completely wrong, but somehow she pulls it off and looks more comfortable than anyone in the room. If you got attitude and confidence, you’ll look fabulous no matter what you’re wearing. If you think your summer dress is inappropriate this fall season, think of wearing them with denim jacket and ankle boots to make them appropriate a bit. But, your confidence and attitude will pull your look together.

  1. Fashion is all about fun and experimentation so don’t take yourself too seriously.


There are so many fashion rules that might dictate your choices, but don’t take yourself too seriously. Though over the knee boots are usually worn with shorter skirts and dresses, Nika Huk creatively wore it with a midi dress and still looked nice. All you need is some creativity to pull off the looks that you think will bend rules and be confident on your statement.

  1. Variety will make your style more interesting.


Just like a variety of styles, colors and pieces of clothing make your wardrobe more interesting. Regardless what style you have, think of adding some variety to your looks whether it’s a pastel colored dress, Western boots, skinny jeans, or even printed skirts. Like fashion blogger Anjelica Blick, you may trade your plain tees with off shoulder tops to add some flair to your street style a bit.

  1. Your style must be unique and original.

chic-jumpsuit-with-sneakers monochromatic-outfit-with-cap-toe-pumps

Think of novel ways of wearing things to make your style unique and original. Like fashion blogger Nika Huk, you may resort to a pair of slip-on sneakers instead of typical heels that other women wear with a chic jumpsuit. If you wish to go for a monochromatic dressing, contrast your fabrics and add some interest to your accessories to spice up your style a bit. This way, you’ll look original and a bit unexpected on some ways.

  1. You can create an image you want by dressing accordingly.

studded-boots-with-boyfriend-blazer-and-jeans chiffon-blouse-with-white-shorts

Whether you’re heading to the office, to the streets, or to the party, you must dress accordingly. If you’re aiming for a casual-chic statement, think of wearing your chiffon blouse as a topper instead of your biker vests and leather jackets like Nika Huk did, instead of typical denim jeans and graphic tee. By taking these things into consideration, you’ll appreciate fashion even more.

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