6 Huge Street Style Trends To Try This Spring

We’re basically halfway into March folks, and this Sunday will officially mark as the start of spring! Isn’t that fun?

Of course, with the start of a new season comes the emergence of new arrays of trends that are either familiar to us or we have yet seen in recent years. Clothes that have either been around in the popularity spotlight for quite a while or have made its long overdue comeback into the trending fashion scene. And I’ve taken the liberty of gathering them all and sharing them with all of you. Below are 6 of the biggest street style trends that you can try out this spring.


Off shoulder tops are certainly reaching the heights of its recent popularity and it keeps on getting more and more famous. Showing a little to the entire shoulder skin is definitely a fresh yet also playful way of starting out this spring. It’s all about showing some skin without being too provocative about it. And there is a certain romantic essence into an off shoulder top that is so perfect for a spring date night. For slightly cold days, you can still pull off off shoulder top with an oversized sweater hanging over your shoulder on one side.

black off shoulder top

off shoulder sweater


Getting all sporty and comfortable with the outfit of your choice is not a questionable everyday outfit anymore. In fact, adding a little sportiness to your casual everyday look is actually happily approved by every fashion mavens and fashionistas all over the world. If you want to go lax but still create that sleekness that a sloppy chic ensemble will not achieve, a little sporty essence will do the trick.

athleisure outfit athleisure


Are you in the mood of adding a little edge on your spring outfit? Slipping on a biker jacket may be all that you need. With all the softness, fluttery feel and pastel-filled spring wardrobe that you may likely have, a little edgy detail will not do you any harm. I think that biker jackets are great especially during these early days of spring when the coldness of the previous winter season has yet to completely melt away.

biker jacket black white biker jacket


Like many of the emerging trends of this season and the previous ones, neckerchiefs were once popular back in the 70’s and 80’s. They were especially famous back when ladylike dressing and Mod style were around. And now, neckerchiefs are back with a bang. They are great neck accessory alternative for necklaces and chokers. And they also give a more organic and fresh feel to them that is simply fantastic for this spring.

neckerchief neckerchief outfit


Lace up shoes were once something that we usually see worn by ballerinas with their ballet shoes. Now, lace up details can be seen in shoes and flats. And we are loving it! The lace detail gives whatever shoes it is this feminine flair that softens and sharpens whatever outfit both at the same time.

lace up heels lace up shoes


There is no question of the popularity of sneakers, really. But recently, we don’t just see sneakers being worn with jeans and graphic tees. We see soldi colored ones that are aired up with either a solid colored or microprinted top or dress. There is an athletic look to it as well as a dash of preppiness.

sneakers trainers outfit

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