6 Hot Spring ’17 Trends to Look Forward to

We’re already seeing the end of this dreary winter season, so it only makes sense that a lot of us are already planning our spring wardrobes. If you haven’t already started revamping your wardrobe for the coming change of season, there’s no need to worry. Here are some of the hottest spring trends to look forward to for this year.


  1. Sunny stripes – what spring (and summer) wardrobe is complete without stripes? For the coming season, level up your game by leaving your everyday black and white stripes behind and going for something a little bit more fun and cheerful for the eyes: sunny stripes! They don’t have to be exclusively yellow. Any item that has colorful stripes on it will work.colorful stripes dress maxi
    colorful stripes outfit
  2. Ray of styleshine – now, if you were a bit disappointed that the first trend isn’t about wearing yellow, here’s the trend for you. Yes, yellow is in for spring, and that includes all shades and hue! Want something lively and bright? Go for sunshine yellow. For something muted and a bit more sophisticated, you can go with a deep mustard. There are literally thousands of shades to choose from so start shopping now!yellow and brown outfit yellow off shoulder top and white pants
  3. Khaki – not a fan of bright colors? You may think you have nothing to look forward to this spring, but you’re wrong! This coming season, khakis are also going to be hot and on trend so get ready to get decked out in your favorite neutral shades with them. If, on the other hand, you like tons of bright colors in your look, you can always use khakis to tone down the vibrancy.khaki skirt and white shirt khaki pants with zip detail
  4. One-shoulder outfit – after the cold shoulder made its way to the fashion limelight, yet another variety of the off-shoulder style is becoming popular among fashion and style enthusiasts. If you’re looking for a subtle way to look sexy, this is the perfect trend to master for the season.one shoulder top monochromatic look one shoulder top
  5. Robes – after pajamas, robes are the next sleepwear item to make it big in the fashion scene. This is perfect for those of you who still experience cold weather, especially in the early days of spring, but it’s the perfect outerwear to top your outfit with for date nights in spring as well.pajama robe outfit pajama robe and mule
  6. White shirt dresses – the supersized white shirt dress is another hot item that you should snag for your spring wardrobe. This is not exactly a new trend, but it’s still definitely a hot one that you shouldn’t pass up on rocking.supersized white shirt outfit supersized white shirt



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