6 Headpieces that Will Give You a Royal Look with Louise Ebel

Mind behind the Miss Pandora blog, Louise Ebel is a style blogger from France known for her impeccable style influenced by art, culture, and history. She sometimes wears fashionable hats and headpieces that can give you a royal look. If you wish to channel your inner princess, keep on reading for the 6 headpieces that will give you a royal look.

  1. Turban


turban-with-chic-outfit royal-turban-with-velvet-cape

Originally worn as a religious head covering for several faith traditions, turbans first showed up in the fourteenth century at the end of the Moorish occupation in Spain and became a popular fashion item for women during the 1920s up to 1970s. Generally, turbans are made up of layers of cloths wrapped around the wearer’s head. Like Louise, you may go for a turban with feathers or brooches to add some flair to your looks in an iconic way.

  1. Crown or Tiara Headband

indian-crown-with-iconic-outfitgold-tiara-headband iconic-outfit-with-crown

Wearing a crown or a tiara headband will definitely give you the princess effect. If you are one of those who is extremely fashion-forward and wish to like a royal in your outfits, go for a crown. Like Louise, you may opt for a metallic band style that looks royal-inspired yet more subtle than a real crown with jeweled stones and arched top.

  1. Floppy Hat

feminine-dress-with-floppy-hat floppy-hat-with-iconic-outfit

Every woman might already have a floppy hat in their closet. A great thing, royal often wears floppy hats on their casual look that give them feminine and classy appeal. Like Louise, opt for the style that flatters your face shape and a wide-brimmed that won’t overwhelm you.

  1. Cocktail Hat


Daytime hats were de rigueur for women in the 1930s, except for more formal late afternoon events when a daytime hat just did not work with a cocktail dress. Cocktail hats reached the height of their popularity during the 1950s for where they’re once worn perched on the top or the side of the head. While cocktail hats were much smaller than a regular daytime hat, they were still a real hat, made on a real hat form. Like Louise you may look for a small, brimless hat that doesn’t fully cover your head, just to add some flirty appeal to your style.

  1. Toque


Toque hats were originally a brimless hat worn by men in Europe between the 13th and 16th centuries. Although the sides of a toque fairly straight, the crown shape of a toque is usually rounded or peaked on one side and it’s also a brimless hat that sits off the face. Though the toque hat resembles a turban or even a pillbox hat, toque sits forward on the top of the head.

  1. Bandeau

bandeau-with-leopard-print-blazer bandeau-headband-with-vintage-outfit bandeau-headband-with-lace-dress

If you’re aiming for a romantic and princess-like statement without being too noticeable, resort to bandeaus. Bandeau is a headband style tiara, often low in height that may be worn close to the head or across the forehead and is much easier to wear on formal event and parties. By incorporating these headpieces, you’ll be able to get that royal look in no time.

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