6 Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away so if you haven’t already figured out the whole look you want to do on the big day, we’re here to help! Done planning your outfit? That’s great! Makeup and hair are the next big things you need to plan for. Makeup should be easy, especially if you wear it every day anyway. As for your hair, there are plenty of things you can do with it. Here are some amazing hairstyles that you can try for Valentine’s Day this year.

  1. The Flirty Ponytail – need something quick and easy that you can wear all day? Try the flirty ponytail. This look takes less than 10 minutes to achieve but is super cute and girly, making it the perfect hairstyle to go with your Valentine’s Day ensemble. Check out the photos below for inspiration on how to give the good ol’ ponytail a flirty twist on Valentine’s Day.flirty low ponytail
    flirty ponytail with bangs flirty ponytail
  2. Sweetheart Half Updo – why wear your heart on your sleeve when you can wear it on your head? This gorgeous hairstyle lets you wear a heart for Valentine’s Day without making it too cheesy or corny. You can opt for the braided style, too, if you want more texture to the hairstyle.sweetheart half updo sweetheart half updo braided look
  3. Romantic Rosette – not a fan of hair clips and ornaments? This cute hairstyle is perfect for you, then. Who knew you could create a rosette with a simple braid? Check out the step by step tutorial below to see how you can achieve the look. It’s romantic and super easy plus it’s really quick, too!romantic rosette
  4. Heart shaped fishtail bun – here’s another subtle way to wear a heart on Valentine’s Day: a heart shaped fishtail bun! This looks a little challenging but it’s actually super easy as long as you know how to do a fishtail braid. What’s more is that all you need are elastics, some hair pin and a hair brush to get the look – no special tools required. Watch the tutorial here.heart shaped fishtail bun
  5. Pull Through Braid – pull through braids are easy and they’re perfect for girls who haven’t quite gotten the hang of braiding just yet. What makes them even perfect, especially for Valentines’s Day, is that they look like stacked hearts sitting prettily on top of each other. If you’re looking for a quick and easy Valentine’s Day hairstyle, try the pull though braid. Here is an easy to follow tutorial for those of you who are interested.pull through braid
  6. Braided flower crown – love the look of flower crowns but don’t think faux flowers are appropriate for Valentine’s Day? Here’s the solution to your dilemma: a braided flower crown that doesn’t call for a faux flower crown. Check out the tutorial below.

braided flower crown hairstyle braided flower crown

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