6 Fresh Ways to Wear Flares

The flared silhouette has always come and go but one thing is for sure: it’s something that will never go out of style; at least not totally. Last fall, flared jeans made a major comeback and this spring, we’re seeing even more of it but not just on denims. If you’re curious to see how else you can incorporate the flared silhouette to your look, check out these easy and stylish ways to wear flares.

  1. Flared denims – one of the easiest ways to get the flared silhouette into your look is to simply go with a pair of flared denims. Flared denims are so easy to pull off and, give the right pair of shoes and the right pair of pants, they can even make your legs look longer and more slender.flared jeans and cropped top off shoulder
    flared jeans
  2. Try fit and flare – a fit and flare skirt or dress is another way to get the flared silhouette into your look. A fit and flare skirt would be really perfect if you want to show off those curves or if you simply want something that will hug your figure and flatter it. It’s also a great way to add a bit of a sexy vibe to your look without going overboard or showing off any skin.fit n flare dress fit n flare gingham dress
  3. Slip into some flared culottes – another trend that’s hot this spring are culottes. Culottes are so versatile. You can wear them for everyday street style looks or you can wear them to the office. You can even dress them up and wear them to special occasions and dressy events. When wearing flared culottes, go for fitter tops. This will create a harmonious balance within your outfit that will make it look chic and sophisticated.flared striped culottes flared culotted
  4. Go for flared sleeves – if flared pants are not your thing and you’d rather wear the flared silhouette a little more subtly, you can always go for flared sleeves instead. Flared sleeves are great with skinny jeans as well as with pencil skirts.sleeves flared sleeves with flare
  5. Throw on some peplum – whether it’s a peplum dress or a peplum top, the silhouette that this style gives is just very flattering on any figure or shape. A peplum dress or top could really give you the boost that you need if you’re still working on getting those curves in place, too.peplum floral top peplum jacket
  6. Boho style – last on the list of fresh ways to wear a flare is to do the Boho look. Boho fashion has always had that relaxed and laidback vibe that calls for loose and flared out silhouettes and that is where the flare would really come in handy.boho flared silhouette



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