6 Fresh Fall Patterns to Try This Season

The fall season is on full throttle now and, as the temperature continues to drop and we get closer to winter, our fall wardrobe needs all the appropriate pieces it can have. And since we usually opt for the typical solid fall colors, you would not have thought that patterns and prints can be worn during this season.

Here, we have gathered fresh fall patterns and prints that you can all try this season.

Bold Floral Prints

Floral prints are typically used more during the warmer seasons of spring and summer but that does not mean that you cannot use this print during fall or winter. For you to be able to wear floral during these two colder seasons, you would want to avoid those dominantly pastel and light-colored kind of floral prints. Floral prints in bold colors like muted orange or mustard yellow are not only one of the fresh fall patterns to try but also a new take on the beloved print.



Micro Prints

For the minimalist fashionistas out there who want to incorporate at least one kind of pattern into their fall wardrobe, micro prints are the one to have. True to its name, the patterns are not…well, neither huge nor noticeable. That said, micro prints are practically wearable for whatever kind of outfit. But to have that fall vibe, you want to go for fall colors like burgundy or at least neutral ones like the classic color combination of black and white.

burgundy-micro-print-skirt-fall-patterns micro-print-pants-fall-patterns

Multicolored Stripes

Stripes is one of the classic clothing patterns out there and we will not say that multicolored stripes is something that only popped out recently since this has also existed almost as long as the classic dual-colored stripes has. But we found that multicolored stripes are far more fall-appropriate than the classic one. For one thing, most multicolored stripes make use of typical fall colors—muted shades and dark neutrals. And while classic stripes gives off that relaxed and breezy casual atmosphere, multicolored stripes, despite its use of more than two colors, often gives off a grounded feel to any outfit.

multicolored-stripes-off-shoulder-top-fall-patterns multicolored-stripes-fall-patterns

Dark Tartans

Among the checkered family, the tartan is one of the least appreciated pattern during the warmer seasons of spring and summer. This could also be because tartans are often associated with colder seasons. At least that’s how we see it. But for this year’s fall season, you may want to go for tartans in darker shades to fully incorporate that muted fall feel.

tartan-jumpsuit-fall-patterns contrasting-tartan-fall-patterns

Leopard Print 2.0

Among the many animal prints out there, the leopard print may be one of the most beloved by fashionistas and fashion mavens alike. For this fall, the typical yellow and black leopard print fall pattern may look as if it’s used by everyone and it certainly is. So for those who want something different, you may want to look for leopard prints in different styles or color combinations.

different-leopard-print-fall-patterns leopard-print-outfit-fall-patterns

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