6 French Style Staples That Will Add Some Instant Chic to Your Wardrobe

Craving a taste of the French capital but can’t leave your city just yet? Bring the city to you through your wardrobe. Just because you can’t go to Paris yet doesn’t mean that the Parisian inspiration can’t live on through you and your dress. So, keep on reading for the 6 French style staples that will add some instant chic to your wardrobe.

  1. Quality Pair of Flats



French women probably look effortless because it feels like such. Instead of going for a pair of stilettos, opt for an easy pair of flats that will make your life easier. French women do love their high heels, but during the daytime, they’re often seen in the streets in chic loafers, espadrilles, or classic ballet flats. So, take your first step into the Paris lifestyle by grabbing a pair of sleek loafers or taking the classic route in ballet flats.

  1. Crisp White Shirt

chambray-shorts-with-button-down-shirt-and-hat checkered-romper-with-chic-blouse

One thing to remember about the French woman’s wardrobe is that it is filled with quality basics that one can wear again and again. Like fashion blogger Daphne, you may think of a crisp white shirt that you can wear casually with a pair of walking shorts, or more elegantly with a gingham print romper.

  1. Tailored Blazer

chic-blazer-with-shorts turquoise-pumps-and-bag-with-white-coat

The blazer is a perfect finishing touch to a simple yet elegant outfit. Don’t be afraid to play with variations on the blazer. A longer one that stops a few inches after the waist can add a slimming effect, while a blazer that resembles a tuxedo jacket can give you instant allure. Like fashion blogger Daphne, add some flair to your casual outfit of shorts and a collared shirt with a black blazer. Or, make your looks more feminine with a white blazer teamed with bold colored shoes and bag like fashion blogger Caroline Louis did.

  1. Chic Scarf

printed-scarf-with-fur-jacket-and-jeans silk-scarf-with-chic-outfit

When done right, a scarf can be the final accent that ties the whole outfit together. Like fashion blogger Nikita Wong, you may opt for a printed scarf that will be stylish and functional in the colder months. Or, pair a white blouse and pleated skirt with your silk scarf like Daphne did, and you’ve got yourself a special French touch.

  1. Breton Striped Shirt

breton-striped-tee-with-white-pants breton-striped-top-with-shorts

Originally a shirt made for a French navy seaman’s uniform in the Brittany region, the iconic piece rose to fame after French designer Jean Paul Gaultier chose to repeatedly incorporate the stripes in his fashion collections over a forty-year career. The Breton striped shirt works with anything and everything. Whether you’re dressing up or dressing down, adding this to your wardrobe will give you French flavor in an instant.

  1. Structured Coat or Cape

structured-wool-coat-with-boots dress-with-structured-jacket-and-loafers

Paris is a walking city so wearing comfortable and practical clothes is encouraged. However, you could always dress it up with a structured coat like fashion blogger Nikita Wong did, making her seasonal outfit stylish at the same time functional. Structured coats and capes have an enduring appeal that making any outfit polished and sleek. With these 6 staples, channel the effortless French chic from head to toe on your street style.

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