6 Flattering Tops for Women

Some tops are flattering for some, but they can’t look hideous on others. If you’re not born with a perfect body, worry not as there are a variety of flattering tops for women. Make sure to invest in any of these pieces, if you want to look good all time, every time.

Turtleneck Halter Tops

No matter what age you’re in, or what weight you have, you need to know one thing: your shoulders look great, period. With that being said, it is true that turtleneck halter pieces are included in the list of the most flattering tops for women.

black halter top

Sleeveless V-Neck Flare Tops

Flattering tops for women hit the feminine curves and spots the right way. So if you want to create a sexy hourglass figure, then go for sleeveless v-neck flare tops. These blouses usually have longer lengths and cinched waists. Because of its ability to emphasize your shape, a sleeveless v-neck flare top is one of the best items to have, whatever your age might be.

blue vneck top

Voluminous Sleeve Tops

Have a problem with your arms? You don’t have to constantly hide them in long sleeve tops. One of the most flattering tops for women with arm problems is the voluminous sleeve blouse. It works on the virtue of proportion play, as the billowy sleeves can make your arms look slimmer than usual.

blue top white top

Wrap Top

Do you have a burgeoning belly that you desperately wish to hide? Worry not as the wrap top fits the bill. The ‘wrap’ design of this top helps conceal your midsection – making it one of the best pieces to wear after a month of bad eating choices. With the many styles out there, you don’t have to worry about looking fierce – even if you’re hiding some belly fat underneath.

white wrap top black wrap top

Criss Cross Top

One of the easiest ways to create a sexy, hourglass figure is to wear a criss cross top. This is one of the most flattering tops for women since the design cinches the waist. It is best if you choose a criss cross top made of structured fabric, as this can help you create a sexy and flawless hourglass figure.

blue crisscross top white criss cross top

Long Cardigans

If you want to bundle up in style, then do consider long cardigans, as they are one of the most flattering tops for women. These items can help you create the illusion of a lengthy torso, even if you are petite or on the short side of things. For best results, wear lightweight long cardigans so you can achieve a sexy look without the added bulk.

grey cardigan long cardigan outfit

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