6 Feminine Ways to Wear Corduroy

It’s been a while since we’ve seen corduroy make a regular appearance on the runway as well as on the streets and while we’re a fan of today’s trends and fabrics, corduroy is just something that you tend to come back to every once in a while and for me, that moment to come back to it is now. I’ve always been fascinated with corduroy. I think it has one of the most interesting textures out of all the fabrics I’ve encountered. If you, too, miss corduroy and are planning to bring it back into your wardrobe soon, check out these top 6 tips for feminine ways to wear corduroy.

  • WEAR A CORDUROY SKIRT – the easiest way to make anything look more girly or give anything a more feminine vibe is to always wear it in ladylike silhouettes and a skirt is one example of that. Corduroy skirts are great if you’re looking for something to add a nice and girly touch to your outfit as well as some interesting texture in it. You can keep it simple by pairing it up with a cotton top / shirt or get a little adventurous by playing with it and mixing and matching it with other textures.corduroy  skirt in green with leather jacket
    corduroy skirt and striped top
  • TRY A CORDUROY DRESS – if you don’t like having to deal with mixing and matching pieces to come up with a cute outfit, you can always take the easier route and opt for a dress instead and a corduroy dress is another great way to make the fabric look more feminine. Corduroy dresses used to be super popular back then during this time of the year (fall to winter) so why not bring it back now?alexa chung in blue corduroy dress blue corduroy dress chic corduroy dress
  • TRY A 90S LOOK – and, speaking of bringing things back, we all know the corduroy was one hot item back in the 90s so for those of you out there who are looking for fun and stylish pieces to add to your wardrobe to help you create your chic 90s inspired look today, go ahead and grab something corduroy.90s look with corduroy skirt 90s inspired outfit with flared pants 90s inspired corduroy suit
  • OPT FOR A DIFFERENT COLOR – corduroy comes in a lot of different colors but many of us remember this fabric to be in either brown or black (mostly) and I guess that’s because that was all we saw of it back in the 90s or earlier so if you’re looking for a girly and updated way to wear it today, why not try sporting it in a color that will give it a nice ladylike touch such as pink, yellow or even lilac.

cute and colored corduroy pants pink skinny corduroy

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