6 Fast Fashion Fixes you Need to Know

A shortcut is a good thing because it stops you from doing long, tedious activities. The same can be said with fast fashion fixes. Cut your prepping/beautifying time in half with these fast fashion fixes that you need to know.

Get it Wet

Leather is best for this cold weather, but new leather can be hard to wear. If you want to have the soft, buttery leather feel right away, then you need to know the fast fashion fixes for this dilemma. Get your leather damp – or dance away if it’s raining outside. Flex the creases and other parts that demand much of your movements.

all leather outfit

gigi hadid leather outfit

Love your Vodka

Vodka is not only good for drinking, it’s great for your clothes as well. If your closet comes with a musty smell, then vodka should be included in your list of fast fashion fixes. Put your favorite drink into a spray bottle (don’t drink it!) and spritz it on your clothes. A day later and the musty swell will be gone!

vodka spray

Sashay in Suede

Suede is one of the hottest trends of today. However, cleaning them might be a pain in the ass. In case some dirt or stain comes across your suede accessories, worry not, as there are fast fashion fixes that can cure them. All you just need to do is rub your pencil eraser to get rid of the ugly scuff marks.

suede skirt suede jacket

Be Ice Cold

Are you unfortunate enough to sit on newly-chewed bubble gum? You don’t have to panic, as you can get rid of this. For fast fashion fixes, get some ice cubes from your fridge and put it inside a Ziploc bag. Place it over the gum until it hardens. Once it’s hard enough, you can scrape it off!

jeans and bubble gum

Get in Shape

Your constant use of boots will keep them in great shape. But when summer comes, they will probably be left behind in the closet. Unfortunately, this will cause the boots to lose their shape. To prevent this from happening, stuff your boots with old newspaper/magazine pages. These will keep your boots in good shape. These fast fashion fixes will guarantee that you would look good when winter comes!

stuffed boots boot shapers

Wash your Shoes

This is one of the fast fashion fixes that you need to consider if you have a collection of canvass shoes. Once they get dirty, throw them inside the washing machine. After they’re done, air dry them. Rest assured that they’ll be good as new!

green canvas shoes white canvas shoes

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