6 Fashion Styling Tips – Inspired by Runway Shows

Are you tired of the usual fashion styling tips? You don’t have to rehash the same style all over again.  Look as glamorous as your favorite models with these fashion styling tips – inspired by the hottest runway shows.

Chic in a Corset

The corset is a living proof of “what goes around, comes around” in fashion. Popularized in the Victorian era as a way to skim women’s waists, this slendering garment has become the focal point of many runway shows. Designers recognize the power of the corset, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider this item for your fashion styling tips. For a high-fashion look, place your corset on top of your clothes so you can accentuate your beautiful feminine figure.

black corset

pink corset

Shake it Off

A coat is a classic item as it is, but wearing it the same old way can get pretty boring. For unique fashion styling tips, look at the models of Balenciaga. For the show, the powerful design house clothed their muses in classic coats – worn off the shoulder, of course. If you’re tired of the usual safe look, then this is one of the new fashion styling tips that you have to follow.

off shoulder coat off shoulder coat outfit

Double up your Scarf

Wearing your scarf around once is stylish as it is. But if you are looking for revolutionary fashion styling tips, then follow Chloe’s models and wear your scarf twice around your neck. Tie your scarf in a nice little bow for a cool, model off-duty look.

double scarf double scarf outfit

Twice the Earrings, Twice the Fun!

In fashion, sometimes, the more is indeed merrier. So when it comes to earrings, the newest fashion styling tips suggest doubling it up! This does not necessarily mean that you should have your ears holed again, as there are clip-on and clasp earrings that will help you achieve this hot, runway-inspired look.

cuff earrings double earrings

The Higher, the Better

Crossbody bags are cute, functional satchels that you can take whenever, wherever. While they are undoubtedly timeless, there’s another way for you to look hipper with these small wonders. As such, one of the fashion styling tips that you need to follow is to wear your bag way up high. The more restrictive it is, the better.

crossbody outfit crossbody bag

Socks + Heels = High Fashion

It can get a little cold at times. When this happens, you don’t have to nix your favorite sandals. You can still wear them simply by following the fashion styling tips of wearing your heels with socks. With this pairing, you can achieve the preppy look whether it’s day or night.

socks with heels socks and heels

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