6 Fashion Secrets Every Fashion-Forward Woman Must Know

We asked stylists to the stars to tell us their secret weapons for having great style. Whether you update your style with current trends or stick to the basics, keep on reading for the 6 fashion secrets every fashion-forward woman must know.

  1. Fashion and style are not the same thing.

eccentric bohemian outfit with bandana scarf

romantic outfit with pink stiletto pumps

Fashion is the thing you see in stores, in magazines, and on celebrities. On the other hand, style is how you take the fashion and interpret it into an outfit or look that makes you feel like you. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you may opt for season’s pastel colors but pick ensembles that show off your feminine side like a chic skirt and a pair or stiletto pumps. “Style is not all about the fashion or trends but rather accepting yourself, working with what flatters your figure, finding what tickles your fancy and wearing what makes you confident,” says stylist Laurie Brucker.

  1. Fashion rules exist for a reason.

high slit red leather skirt with striped turtleneck sweater structured poncho with jeans

“Your personal style should suit your lifestyle, mood, and resources but don’t feel like you have to break the rules to create a unique personal style. The classics are called ‘classic’ for good reason,” says stylist Kylen Moran. Like fashion blogger Michele Krusi, look trendy with an oversized topper, but stick to the rules and balance your bulky silhouette with a pair of skinny jeans.

  1. Don’t believe everything you see on social media.

collared shirt with sweater and crop jeans tee with bulky coat and skinny jeans

Style blogs, celebrity photos, and model looks may look perfect, but social media doesn’t always show the whole picture. “As glamorous as I appear on social media, I wish people knew that not only am I most comfortable in sweatpants and a sweatshirt but it’s when I feel the sexiest,” says fashion expert Natalie Halcro.

  1. People make their first impression of you based on what you wear, not what you say.

cozy casual outfit with sneakers orange pants with striped blouse

Whether you like it or not, people are judging you by your clothing. If you are slovenly or unkempt, most likely you will not be taken as seriously as one who is put together. “Ask yourself what image you want to project, and how you would want people to describe you based on first impressions. The truth is they are already thinking something about you when they meet you so make sure it’s what you want,” says fashion expert Christina-Lauren Pollack.

  1. Spending too much time choosing your outfit can ruin the rest of your day.

black dress with grunge jacket and boots matching blazer with shorts and white tee

Don’t waste your brainpower in the morning trying to get dressed. Instead get rid of things you can’t or don’t wear regularly and simplify your wardrobe to pieces you like. “Keep your clothing simple, so you will have the energy to tackle life’s tougher problems,” says stylist Dan Moyer Jr.

  1. Clothes reveal much more than they hide.

striped athletic pants with blazer chic dinner outfit

“Wearing clothes that attempt to conceal who you are as a person shows that you are out of touch with your age, body type, or the social situation. Not only does the outside world pick up on this, but your clothing has an effect on how you feel about yourself psychologically, says Mr. Moyer. By taking these things into consideration, you’ll be able to make your clothes work for you in a fashion-forward way, yet true to your personality.

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