6 Fashion Risks Every Woman Should Take

Most people tend to stick to what they know when it comes to their personal style. However, breaking fashion rules from time to time will make your style stand out from the crowd. So, keep on reading for the 6 fashion risks every woman should take.

  1. Wear two to three prints at a time.

checkered blazer with striped outfit

striped sweater with checkered blazer quirky outfit with cute bag mixed print blouse and skirt with peep toe boots

Wearing prints with prints can be a means of looking creative on your street style. Like fashion blogger Ella Catliff, create a preppy at the same time playful look by wearing a printed top and skirt with a cute bag and sunglasses. To make your mixed prints appropriate to the office, opt for a classic and muted versions of prints like fashion blogger Aimee Song did.

  1. Go for a leather-on-leather look.

leather jacket with black boots leather peplum with flared skirt and gloves leather on leather outfit leather on leather outfit with edgy boots

Going for a leather-on-leather look may run the risk of looking like Catwoman, but that doesn’t sound so bad, does it? An all-over leather look is alluring, form-fitting, and bold. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, you may opt for a leather miniskirt and a leather vest that looks more breathable than wearing trousers with a leather top and boots. However, you may take advantage of the warmth of leather in the colder month which will give you the perfect excuse to go for an all-leather look.

  1. Look bold and daring with head-to-toe red.

all red outfit with ankle strap shoes studded heels with all-red outfit red outfit with hat all red outfit with classic pumps

Not only is red a bold and daring color, it also symbolizes passion and confidence. If you find monochromatic outfits boring, you should try a monochrome look in this fiery shade that will give you a vibrant, sexy, and bold style.

  1. Wear socks with sandals.

oversized coat with socks and sandals socks with sandals and pink dress socks and sandals with casual outfit quirky socks with sandals

Wearing socks with sandals used to be a fashion faux pas that can be now worn in fashion-forward ways. Think of brightly-colored socks or even printed ones that will surely pop with your sandals like fashion bloggers always do.

  1. Wear sequins in the daytime.

cut off shorts with sequin top and statement boots striped sequin dress green sequin evening dress with black pumps gold sequin dress with red pumps

Sequins may be a holiday ensemble and intended to wear at night, but it can be now worn in the daytime. Like fashion blogger Ndoema, think of balancing your textures by wearing a boxy sequined top teamed with a pair of denim shorts, making the glamorous piece work in the casual setting.

  1. Belt your outerwear.

wide leather belt with coat coat with belt and pants belt with knitted coat and leggings belt with coat and trendy outfit

Belts are intended to show off your feminine curves especially when you’re wearing dresses, but it can also work with your toppers such as jacket, coats, cardigans, and vests. This look is beneficial since it highlights your curves that provides a flattering shape, while enables you to show off your accessorizing skills without sacrificing warmth in the wintertime. Just be artistic on knotting your belts to create an intentional and fashion-forward look. Indeed, fashion risks are some of the most challenging looks you might go for to show your confidence and individuality with style.

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