6 Fantastic Suede Pieces to Wear Right Now

Suede is back on trend and lots of women are going crazy for this blast from the past right now. It may be considered as a fall staple for a lot of people but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it before and beyond fall. For winter, suede layered with comfy layers can be a really chic look and for summer and spring, suede paired up with warm weather staples could very well be your next new favorite combo. If you’re not sure how to start wearing it again, check out these fantastic suede pieces to wear right now.

  1. Suede crop top – a suede crop top is the perfect way to bring the 90s and the now together. If you’re looking for a way to wear suede in spring or summer without that fall vibe, try a suede crop top.crop top lace up in suede
    crop top suede
  2. Suede skirt with front buttons – for a look that has even more of that 90s vibe, try a suede skirt with a button closure in front. Pair this up with a striped shirt and you have yourself a classic 90s look that’s chic and, to be honest, quite classy and timeless.front closing scallop suede skirt front closing suede skirt
  3. Suede patchwork – suede comes in a variety of colors but when it comes to fashion, we tend to stick to brown and while there’s really nothing wrong with that, I think a stylish girl’s suede selection could use some color too. If you are intimidated by colored suede, you can always start small by going with a suede patchwork piece that has a ton of colors in it but is less intimidating.patchwork suede dress outfit patchwork suede skirt and white shirt
  4. Suede dress – a suede dress is a fantastic excuse to wear the fabric from head to toe which is one of this season’s newest trends. It’s a less-overwhelming way to try the trend, too. A shift dress cut is universally flattering for those who want something safe and stylish but you could also try a baby doll dress style or even an A-line cut.suede body hugging dress suede shirt dress with gladiator sandals
  5. Suede boots – tall suede boots are a must for fall but suede ankle shoes are perfect for any time of the year and they’re one of the few key suede pieces you wouldn’t want your closet to be without.chic outfit with tall suede boots chic peep toe suede boots
  6. Suede fringe – whether it’s on your skirt, your shoes, or your jacket, suede fringes are a total must have in your closet. Suede fringe is the kind of detail you want on your look if you want to inject that fun, cool vibe to your look. Just be careful not to go overboard with it and end up looking like a cowboy.fringe suede sandals in red fringe asymmetrical skirt


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