6 Fall Must Have Pieces to Buy in Black

Fall is always one of the hardest seasons to transition into. Going from light and easy summer pieces to heavier, bulkier, and warmer pieces can be really tricky. The good news, though, is that stocking up on the basics plus a few of the hottest and trendiest is easy, especially if you’re the type who loves to do it anyway. Here are a few fall must haves that you need in your wardrobe. And, while you’re at it, why not get them in black? Black is sexy and versatile, everything you would want for your fall wardrobe.


  1. Turtleneck tops – turtleneck tops are great for fall. They’re awesome for gals who prefer not to wear a scarf but still want to keep themselves nice and warm. Turtleneck tops are really chic and on trend right now, too, and a black one is just the perfect basic fall piece that every stylish girl needs to stock up on. You can wear it on its own or layered up, with brighter colors or with neutrals, and you can even easily pull off a monochromatic look with one.turtleneck-top-and-loose-pants
  2. Little Black Dress – a little black dress is a must have in any fashionista’s closet, and having one for each season is a great luxury to have so if you can afford it, go for it. For fall, an ideal LBD would be something sophisticated yet practical. Try one with a built in cape or perhaps a long-sleeved one with a full bodied skirt.lbd-with-vest lbd-topped-with-oversized-scarf
  3. Tall boots – another fall essential that you should get in black (in case you don’t already have some) is a pair of tall boots. Whether knee-high or thigh-high is your style, as long as you get a pair in black, you’ll be set for fall.tall-boots-stylish-outfit black-tall-boots
  4. Outerwear – a fashionista can never have too much outerwear for fall (and winter), but if you are on a rather right budget and you can only have one, I would suggest going for a black one since black is highly versatile.outerwear-karlie-kliss outerwear-for-fall
  5. Fur piece – black fur is the ultimate luxury piece that you can add to any outfit to make it look more expensive and sophisticated. Whether you like a loud and bold piece like a fur coat or something smaller and more subtle like a fur bag accent, the addition of one is sure to give your outfit a good air of luxury.lush-and-bold-black-fur-piece lush-fur-vest-fall
  6. Oversized scarf – if you love the look of oversized scarves but are afraid to try it out on yourself because you’re overwhelmed by the size, you can always try it out in black. A black oversized scarf makes a great addition to any fall wardrobe, be it that of a beginner’s fashionista or a pro stylephile. It will give you the same look and feel without the crazy colors and prints that you’re worried about clashing with the rest of your look.oversized-scarf-and-coat oversized-black-plain-scarf



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