6 Enduring Fashion Myths You Have to Stop Believing

Regardless of your size, height, and body type, you can always look fashionable and statement-making. So, don’t let those fashion myths rule your closet. Keep on reading for the 6 enduring fashion myths you have to stop believing.

MYTH #1: High heels are more sophisticated than flats.



Though high heels change the way you carry yourself, they’re not comfortable and they can actually alter your posture. The key to look classy in flats is to go for neat style, neutral colors and even metallic shade that go well with anything. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, you may go for a pair of flat ankle strap sandals with a closed toe that you can actually wear to your casual Fridays at the office. Just keep that perfect posture shoulders back, chin up, and chest out.

MYTH #2: Certain clothes only look good if you are tall and skinny.

denim-shorts-with-ankle-boots harem-pants-with-striped-top

If something doesn’t look good on you, most of the time is because the fit is off or because the style simply doesn’t suit you. Saying that a certain kind of clothing only looks good on someone tall and thin is a value judgment since it has absolutely nothing to do with the clothes in question and everything to do with how the woman feels about her own body.

MYTH #3: You get what you pay for.


Though great-quality pieces are often pricey, price is not necessarily an indicator of quality. Companies don’t charge you what something is actually worth as they charge you what they think you are willing to pay. The first step is being able to tell the difference between something that looks cheap and something that looks expensive, and know about the differences between high-quality and low-quality materials and constructions.

MYTH #4: Larger prints work for a larger woman and smaller prints work for smaller women.

quirky-print-sweater-with-skinny-jeans striped-coat-with-pants

A good print is a good print, whether it is in a size 2 or a size 20 and that includes horizontal stripes. Like fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, you may go for prints that flatter your personality and style whether it’s a quirky one, classic pattern, or graphic print.

MYTH #5: You should center your outfit with a single statement piece.

statement-sunnies-with-gold-bangles mercury-sunglasses-with-white-outfit

While it is a good idea to use simple pieces to balance a bolder, statement piece, you shouldn’t feel like you have to limit yourself to just one statement piece at a time. However, you have to make sure you spread them out across your look so they aren’t all clustered next to each other. Like fashion blogger Dawilda Gonzalez, you may complement your statement sunglasses with gold bangles, or wear several bracelets while keeping your theme.

MYTH #6: If you want to create a womanly silhouette, you have to cinch in your waist.

side-paneled-dress-with-leather-trousers pink-dress-with-side-panels

While it is true that wearing waist belts and clothes that nip in around your middle will help accentuate your curves, you don’t have to wear something tight or constricting to flatter an hourglass figure or create a womanly look. Instead, you can use color blocking to create the illusion of more dramatic curves like fashion blogger always do. By heeding these tricks, you’ll get that unique and expressive style on your daily looks.

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