6 Easy Ways to Dress Youthfully But Not Too Young

As we get a little older, our quality of our clothing should improve. Nobody expects a teenager to wear expensive clothing, they are likely to be at the bottom of their career ladder, and they haven’t got the income to do so. If you wish to look youthful but not too young, keep on reading for our styling tricks.

  1. Avoid clothing styles that are typical on kids clothing.



Ruffles on the bottom of a dress or skirt is a good example, shoestring straps, and belts that come with garments are some of the examples of kid’s clothes. If you wish to go for ruffles or frills, make them a bit ladylike by going for a feminine high-low dress teamed with classic pumps that look chic and cool. You may still go for sporty ensembles like sneakers, baseball cap and such, but wear one piece at a time to avoid looking like a child.

  1. Look for quality fabrics, fit, and construction.

hot-pink-bag-with-all-white-outfit pastel-blue-leather-jacket-with-skirt

When your clothes are made from good quality fabrics, fit well and are well made they will last longer. Like fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, you may go for a leather jacket and skirt in a pastel blue shade that looks more feminine over darker colors. Also, go for more structured outfits as well as touch enticing fabrics that look feminine and chic.

  1. Wear clothing that suits your current body shape, not the shape you may have had in the past.

preppy-chic-outfit-with-mid-calf-boots retro-floral-print-dress-with-espadrilles

Bodies change, the way your weight is distributed will change over time. So, you have to understand what suits your current body shape and dress to flatter it. Like fashion blogger Emilee Anne, you may still go for preppy chic outfits that look flattering for your body just like a chiffon blouse teamed with a full skirt as well as printed dresses and tops.

  1. Develop your personal style.

tribal-print-romper-with-pastel-blue-bag neon-yellow-bag-with-bell-sleeved-top-and-skinny-jeans

The more you know about you and represent who you are through your clothing in an authentic way, the more stylish and confident you will appear. Just find clothes that fit your lifestyle and that represent who you are. Like fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, you may go for subtle pops of colors to add some fun to your muted outfits.

  1. Avoid anything too short.

floral-print-maxi-skirt-with-bandeau graphic-print-pants-with-black-top

If you want to be taken seriously, don’t show too much skin. It says that you are unaware of what is appropriate. Instead, go for pants, skirts, and dresses that fall on your knees or below. Like fashion blogger Dawilda Gonzalez, you may go for a fun floral print matching set of full skirt, but balance it with a sexy bandeau top that feels more ladylike.

6. Accessorize.

graphic-pencil-skirt-with-black-top-and-sling-clutch lace-up-heels-with-sheer-white-dress-and-pastel-bag

You can wear understated clothes, have less clothing in your wardrobe, but of higher quality, and change up their look with accessories. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to look fresh, vibrant, and ladylike on your looks while injecting a playful vibe on your outfits.

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