6 Dos and Don’ts of Thrift Shopping

If you think thrift stores are places just to find costumes for your school play, think again as there are actually well-made and quality clothes there. Thrift shopping actually allows you to save money while not compromising fashion as there’s nothing better than finding name-brand clothes at a fraction of the normal price. Since there’s plenty of hidden treasure to be found if you know how to look, keep on reading for the dos and don’ts of thrift shopping.

  1. Do know what you are looking for and don’t just search every section mindlessly.

black and white zipped dress

midnight blue maxi dress

It is easy to become overwhelmed quickly, especially when entering larger thrift stores. It helps to have an outfit or article of clothing in mind to aid in your search. Before going to thrift stores, spend some time thinking about an outfit you want. There are some section you must skip to save time and effort like pants, tees, and shoes. Generally, pants and shoes receive the most wear and tear so you’ll hardly find one in a good condition. Unless you’re looking for a vintage band tee or bohemian pants, you might want to skip those sections.

  1. Do pay attention to details and don’t buy them if you aren’t willing to take it to a seamstress.

sailor slit skirt with turtleneck sweater striped shirtdress with fedora hat

Nothing beats finding a vintage designer piece in your size. However, examine the item for any rips, tears, missing buttons, undone hems, and stuck zippers. If you aren’t willing to repair the item, it’s best to leave it on the rack. Also, you may think of pointing out the damaged item to the thrift store employee as sometimes they will give you a discount.

  1. Do try it on and don’t pretend it fits.

off shoulder fit and flare dress vintage black shift dress with trendy mules

If you are not sure if a piece will fit or look right, head to the dressing room. And be willing to try on clothes one size smaller and one size larger than your normal size. Due to the wide variety of brands at thrift stores, pieces that you think might be too big or too small will fit just right.

  1. Do consider how articles of clothing will work for you and don’t be hasty.

floral top with pencil skirt varsity jacket with tee and skirt

Before buying one-of-a-kind finds, think first if they’re practical for you. Consider how articles of clothing will work with items you already own and how you plan to wear them. Like fashion blogger Zanita Whittington, you may think of topping your basic tee and midi skirt with a varsity jacket that will change your looks unexpectedly. Remember, it is easy to throw spunky items in your cart, but you may want to reconsider a purchase that could just end up in the “give away” pile again.

  1. Do enjoy your experience and don’t be discouraged if some days you walk away empty-handed.

a-line midi skirt with chic white top and boots sneakers with black lace dress

Thrift shopping is basically treasure hunting as some days you find buried treasure, and some days you walk away empty-handed. You may not always guarantee to score, but when you do find a treasure, it’ll be well worth the wait. Also, don’t think of the items from thrift stores as wearing someone else’s old clothes, but instead, think of it as making something your very own. The huge range of brands, colors, and styles that thrift stores offer allow you to experiment.

  1. Do read tags and don’t shy away from colors.

hot pink blazer with vintage cross necklace and brooch fit and flare green dress with pink bag

By paying attention to tags, you’ll realize that you’re pulling out pieces from designers and brand-new clothing with tags still attached. Remember, washing instructions will certainly alter your price per wear. You may also look for the colors that you like to wear and that are “in” for the season. While, some of the items were purged for a reason, other times you can find really quality pieces for pennies on the dollar. Indeed, thrift shopping is not just in finding treasures at delightful discounts, but also in creating a unique style and statement by creating new outfits from your perspective.

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