6 Denim Jeans Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Outfit

If you’re a tee and jeans type of girl, a pair of denim jeans is a must-have in your closet. Though jeans can often be worn with anything, there might be times you’re crossing the line too far. So, keep on reading for the 6 denim jeans mistakes that can ruin your outfit.

  1. You choose the wrong size when you’re in-between sizes.

coated jeans with loose top

skinny jeans with chambray shirt and fur scarf

Being caught in the middle two sizes is no fun. “Most denim fabric stretches out naturally over time,” says Lauren Freidman author of “50 Ways to Wear Denim” book. However, if you’re between two sizes and you’re going for a fitted look, select the smaller pair, as it will stretch to your natural curves with wear. Just pick the lighter and thinner the weight of the denim as it will stretch easily.

  1. You shop the wrong size pockets and hemline.

jeans with gray top and coat skinny jeans with camel cape

The size and shape of your pockets can seriously change the way your jeans look from behind. Avoid pockets that sit lower than the bottom curve of your butt, as well as jeans with no pockets. Instead, opt for pockets that sit high and tilt slightly outward to make your rear appear fit and lifted. Also, decide how you’ll be wearing a certain pair of jeans the most. As a rule of thumb, skinny jeans should be cropped to the top of the ankle, boot-cut jeans to a half-inch off the ground, and straight-leg jeans to the mid-point of the ankle.

  1. You make sloppy cuffs.

layered fall outfit with cuffed jeans structured coat with cuffed jeans and edgy boots

The laid-back look of cuffed denim can add instant style to any ensemble. However, get it right and avoid sloppy cuffs. To cuff your skinny jeans, opt for a mini cuff by folding up to a half-inch cuff, then fold again to add an extra half inch. Remember, the bottom of the cuff should hit at or just above the ankle. For loose-fitting, wide-leg jeans, try a thick cuff and create a no-fuss half cuff on slouchy boyfriend jeans.

  1. You wear the wrong pair of jeans to work.

camel blazer with striped tee and cuffed jeans office blouse with skinny jeans

In many offices, it’s perfectly acceptable to break out a crisp pair of jeans on a casual Friday. Like fashion blogger Sydne Summer, this can be as simple as resorting to a black pair of skinny jeans teamed with a white blouse. To dress it up, add a classy blazer like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur did, and keep it polished with classic pumps.

  1. You don’t experiment with denim on denim.

denim jacket with tee and jeans denim jeans with chambray shirt and suede wrap skirt

Don’t leave this trend to celebrities and fashion bloggers as you can do the look on your own. Like fashion blogger Michele Krusi, you may even wear a pair of skinny jeans and chambray shirt with a suede skirt to add some eccentric touch to your outfits, making the denim-on-denim trend a little unexpected.

  1. You don’t check the tag and you wash your jeans in a harsh way.

crossbody bag with urban outfit chic white blazer with skinny jeans

When shopping for denim jeans, check the tag as ones made from one-hundred percent cotton might feel stiff, but will likely hold up well. On the other hand, jeans that are around two percent spandex or Lycra will feel more comfortable but will likely to stretch soon. Also, a harsh wash cycle could be what stands between you and long-lasting denim. By taking these things into consideration, you’ll be able to look effortlessly cool with jeans every time.

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