6 Denim Fashions You Need to Own

Denim fashions never go out of style. Given that you maintain your weight, you can wear your denims this year – and 10 years after. Achieve a timeless look with these denim fashions you need to own.

Skinny Jeans

Want to look sexy? Then your go-to denim fashions should be skinny jeans. Whether you’re slim or plus size, you can project a sexier image with the help of skinny jeans. This denim looks great with everything, be it a simple tee or a sequined tube top. As for the shoes, you can shuffle between kicks and stilettos as well. True enough, the fashion possibilities are endless with skinny jeans.

ripped skinny jeans

grey skinny jeans

Boyfriend Jeans

While skinny jeans are preferred by most, boyfriend jeans should be at the top of your list of must-have denim fashions. This allows you to move freely, without worrying about bulges or anything. Most importantly, it can help you conceal the weight you will probably gain this holiday season. While it conveys a masculine look, you can always feminize your jeans with the use of girly tops (think ruffles or lace.)

ripped bf jeans gigi hadid boyfriend jeans

Denim Jacket

The air is cold and nippy, so it’s time to bundle up. While coats and blazers are your foremost choices, you can have the punk, devil-may-care look with the use of a jean jacket. This is one of the timeless denim fashions that you have to own, as you can wear it from spring to winter. It’s all about choosing the right layer according to the season.

oversized denim jacket denim jacket

Denim Dress

Dresses are often made of girly materials, that is why the denim dress is a cut above the rest. As one of the hippest denim fashions, you can wear it on a casual day – or a formal one. You can layer your dress with a leather jacket – or a lace vest – depending on how you wish to look like. You can even wear it a structured blazer to achieve a classy office look.

denim dress denim dress outfit

Denim Shorts

Although it’s freezing cold today, there is no reason why you shouldn’t wear your favorite denim shorts. A summer/spring staple, you can convert it to a winter piece by layering it with stockings or socks. With these denim fashions, you can achieve a sunny look without freezing!

olsen denim jeans denim shorts

Denim Skirt

Want to feel girly whilst showing your legs? Then go ahead and wear a denim skirt. Like the aforementioned denim fashions, you can wear it this winter simply by layering it with tights or leg warmers.

denim skirt aline skirt

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