6 Cute Ways To Wear Bandeau Tops

As the summer heat gets nearer and nearer, we show off more of our skins to greet Mr. Sun. Below are some cute looks wearing bandeau tops!

bandeau top

We are definitely on our way to having an all-out summer vibes, ladies! And when we’re in the middle of the summer, festival season starts and we all love these few months of wearing dainty and lightweight clothes that feel so refreshing to wear under full heat. Bandeau tops definitely fall under this category of apparels. And while we definitely love bandeau tops by the beach, summer certainly gives us a great excuse to saunter in them in the streets. Below are some cute ways to wear bandeau tops. Check them out!

bandeau printed

1. Layer your bandeau under a sheer lace top – This one is for those who are not yet up for some tummy expositions. Instead of simply pulling off a bandeau top in an outfit, you can layer a sheer lace over it for this soft and romantic finish that would create a look perfect for a simple day stroll by the beach to a romantic summer lunch date with your beau.

bandeau top under lace bandeau top and lace

2. Try out bow bandeau – If you are up for some cute and flirty summer look, bandeau tops can also come with a cute bow design that creates this quirky and fun summer look that you will absolutely love. It is a very gorgeous casual look for this summer!

bow bandeau top tied bandeau top

3. Wear it like a crop top with coords – We all love crop tops, don’t we? And coords, amirite, ladies? When you think about it, bandeau tops are like a shorter cousin of crop tops and bralettes. And like all the other short tops out there, bandeau is also a great pair for high waisted bottoms. And better yet, a top half of a coords. As you can see with Zendaya below, it is a great summer ensemble for an event that requires you to be dressy but not entirely formal.

Zendaya bandeau top coords bandeau top coords

4. Pair your bandeau top with a maxi skirt – What I love about bandeau tops is that, in all its simplicity tailor- and design-wise, it is very versatile. You can practically pull off any great outfit with it. And one of the best bottoms to pair bandeau tops with is a maxi skirt. Why? With a maxi skirt, you have the freedom of the amount of tummy skin that you want to expose. I personally like elastic-waisted maxi skirts for this because you can wear it around your hips or above your waist and they usually don’t look different.

bandeau top and high low skirt bandeau top and maxi skirt

5. Bandeau tops and overalls – You want a little feminine element added to your ragged summer casual outfit? Wear your overalls and instead of any shirt, be one with the season and dive into the summer vibe by wearing a bandeau top underneath. The bandeau top, especially those with girly prints or patterns, will definitely give a feminine touch to your ragged overalls outfit and it takes the farm girl chic look to a whole new summery level!

bandeau top under overalls bandeau top and overalls

6. Wear your bandeau top like an undershirt – Bandeau tops as an undershirt looks fabulously stylish especially with your outerwear entirely open. Whether you plan on going bare arms and slipping on a vest or cover up in a jacket or long-sleeved blazer, the bandeau undershirt will definitely boost up the sultry and edgy element to your outfit.

bandeau top and vest bandeau top under vest bandeau top and leather jacket tile print bandeau top and blazer

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