6 Cute Ways to Wear a Scarf

A scarf is a timeless piece that every girl should possess. While it initially belongs around your neck, there are many other cute ways to wear a scarf. Here are some examples:


Summer might be over, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t dress as sexily as you want to. In case you’re headed for a tropical vacation, you can ditch your usual sexy top for a scarf-cum-bandeau. This is one of the cute ways to wear a scarf, especially if you only plan on packing light for your forthcoming vacation.




Other than a bag handle ornament, another one of the cute ways to wear a scarf is to convert it to a bag. This is particularly useful if you forgot to bring a bag to your beach trip – or any other outing. Below are some ways on how to create a scarf bag – in case you have a satchel emergency anywhere.

bag scarf-bag


As it has been established, a scarf is a prized possession every girl should have. Truly phenomenal, there are many cute ways to wear a scarf. One method is to wear it with a belt. It could be a good alternative to your usual buckle belt, so as to add color to your usual casual/work outfit. Then again, you can use it as a cinching belt for your plain dresses – so as to help emphasize your beautiful shape.

belt scarf-belt


Accessorizing is easy to do with the many cute ways to wear a scarf. One way to achieve it is to wear it as a bracelet. Truly an arm candy, it can add dimension to a monochromatic outfit and what not.

bracelet bracelet

Hair Tie

Are your strands all over your face? While wind blowing to your face might seem sexy, it can be problematic at times. If you want your vision to be hair-free, then convert it to a hair tie. As one of the cute ways to wear a scarf, this technique can help breathe life into your look – even with your messy hair and all.

hair-tie hair-tie


Another one of the cute ways to wear a scarf is to convert it to a headband. Again, this will come in handy for windy places and what not. This will keep your strands at bay, while providing you a fresh look for your OOTD. If you want to add a dash of color into your boring work outfits, then a scarf-cum-headband is what you need to try out.

headband headband

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