6 Cute Summer Sandals You Ought to Try

Summer is sandals season! Expose your feet – the way you weren’t able to do last winter – with these cute summer sandals that you ought to try.

Festive Sandals

Summer is fun, fun, fun so your sandals should be just as jolly. With that being said, festive footwear should be at the top of your list of cute summer sandals. Ribbon straps, tassels, and pompoms – these are just some of the style details that will convert any boring summer outfit into a cool, vibrant one.

festive sandals

colorful sandals blue sandals

Knee-High Gladiator Sandals

Since the boho vibe is in this season, then your cute summer sandals ought to be the knee-high gladiator sandals. This is best worn with shorts or mini skirts, since the focal design point is the straps that traverse your lower legs.

knee high sandals gladiator sandals

Colorful Heels

If you are a heels kind of girl, then colorful heels are the cute summer sandals that you ought to try. Whether it’s fuchsia – or a conglomerate of bright hues – colorful heels can add a splash of color (literally) to your summer outfit. Even if you decide to wear a black suit or a plain tee-and-jeans combo, colorful heels can definitely brighten up your look.

green sandals colorful sandals outfit

Marvelous Mules

If stiletto heels are too uncomfortable for you, then mules are the perfect cute summer sandals for you. Since these come with block heels, the pressure on your heels are not that great. And since mules come with a height boost, they can be the petite girl’s best footwear friend for the summer. With its classic style, mules can be worn with almost everything. With that being said, it can be your favorite footwear staple for summer – and for the succeeding months as well.

bright mulesmules

Exceptional Espadrilles

Want a rustic look that’s perfect for summer? Then your cute summer sandals ought to be espadrilles. Available in a variety of styles – and heel heights – espadrilles add the bucolic vibe to any summer outfit. It actually offers the best of many worlds – since some espadrilles take the appearance of festive summer sandals as well.

gold espadrilles espadrille heels

Printed Ballet Flats

This summer, you should give your high heels a break – even for just a few months. Be comfy wherever you go with a pair of printed ballet flats. Technically, they are not cute summer sandals – but they are fun summer shoes that you can wear whatever the season might be. Pair your printed flats with a simple get-up and you can make your attire 101% better than if worn with just a plain pair of ballet shoes.

floral flats leopard flats

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