6 Creative Ways to Wear the Pop-art Trend

Pop-art, which emerged early in the 1950s, was a representation of pop culture and modern influences during that era. Modern pop art-inspired style featuring bold and fluorescent colors continues being popular and trendy nowadays making the art wearable. Designers showcase their fine art spin using painterly prints and patterns transposing them onto dresses and bring genuine works of art to life on the runway. Looking for inspiration to play the part of modern-day walking portraits? Keep on reading for our 6 creative ways to wear the pop-art trend.

  1. Pop-art Clutch and Bags

pop art clutch with blue and orange outfit

pop art clutch with yellow coat

If you wish to add a bit of quirky vibe to your style without looking overdone, then go for pop-art clutches and bags. Pop-art says a lot about your personality so be careful when choosing them. Pop-art clutch and bags will work well with a monochromatic outfit, but you can also wear bright colors with them. To avoid clashing your bright colors with your pop-art clutch, better opt for shades that coordinate your statement piece like fashion blogger Veronica Popoiacu’s style of wearing a pastel blue coat and mustard pants since it complements her pop-art clutch bag.

  1. Pop-art Shoes

pop art shoes with statement outfit

If you’re not a fan of bold prints, then go for a pair of creatively styled pop-art shoes like fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni did. Just complement your shoes by picking for an outfit with the same pattern, style, and design to make a bolder statement. You may also go for shoes with pop-art prints that are widely available in the market. But, it won’t likely to make a statement so better go for ones that are structured, cut-out, or even asymmetrical styles giving the vibe of the pop-art trend.

  1. Pop-art Dress

pop art dress with cola clutch

Wearing a pop-art dress is a dramatic way of wearing the trend. Since it’s too much eye-catching and loud, better go for styles that add some personality to your looks without looking overly funky or quirky. Some designers featured some famous food chain brands like Coca Cola in their signature pieces on the runway. But, why pay for their advertising? So, instead of taking the trend by what’s in or not, simply go for dresses that you feel comfortable in without looking like a walking billboard.

  1. Pop-art Coats

pop art coat with socks and sandals pop art coat with jeans

Pop-art coats are more versatile than dresses as you can easily put them on when you feel to and take them off when it feels a bit inappropriate for the setting. You may think of wearing a statement coat in an unexpected way with pop-art coats that go well with any of your outfit like boyfriend jeans, pleated skirts, shift dresses, matching sets and such. But, leave these coats to your street style as they won’t suit your professional and smart looks at the office.

  1. Pop-art Tops

pop art sweater with black skirt pop art sweater with skirt pop art tank top with denim shorts pop art top with blazer pop art top with pink skirt and clutch

Whether a tank top, sweater, or a blouse, pop-art tops will definitely add some statement to your looks. For a casual chic style, pair your pop-art sweater with a sleek pencil skirt and a pair of black classic pumps making your outfit a bit polished and trendy. On the other hand, wearing your pop-art tank top with a pair of distressed denim shorts will make your casual street style effortlessly cool and trendy. Just polish your outfit with trendy sneakers, casual bag, and a pair of cute sunglasses that complement your street style.

  1. Pop-art skirts

pop art skirt with black top pop art skirt with quirky clutch quirky print skirt with tank top pop art skirt with black top and sneakers

Looking for unexpected ways to look feminine? Go for pop-art skirts that flatter your shape. Skirts are feminine ensembles next to dresses. Think of a simple and plain button-down shirt, crop top, tank top, plain shirt and such that will go well with your skirts. Leave your print mixing skills with your other outfits as it won’t work in a pop-art piece. A crop top worn with a pop-art pencil skirt and feminine pumps look a bit sexy and at the same time quirky. Finish your looks with a quirky clutch, chic sunglasses, and feminine shoes to make your style a bit chic.

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