6 Cool Prom Dress Ideas

If you’re planning to attend prom – and want to turn heads there – then classic and traditional is not the way to go. In this modern day and time, it pays to think out of the box. Be ready to attract the gasps of the crowd with these insanely cool prom dress ideas:

Be Creative

A monochromatic dress might be traditional, but you can use it as a frame of reference for cool prom dress ideas. Take the case of the dress below – a mysterious black frock – with unique arm detail. With a creative dress, you don’t have to worry about boring your prom date during the entire night.

creative black dress

unique red dress unique orange dress

Cute in a Cocktail

While a long frock is preferred for prom, you can go for a cocktail dress as well. However, you can make yourself look more dramatic if you have a train tailored to it. Just think: you can emit the feelings of walking down the aisle – just the gym or hotel aisle, that is.

cocktail frock cocktail dress outfit

Show your Sexy Back

While the front of your dress helps make a good impression, remember that the back of your frock makes an even bigger impression. So if you want to be remembered for your cool prom dress ideas, then choose one with a unique back detail.

back detail dress

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should literally show your back as a skeleton back detail – like the one demonstrated in the gown below – will surely make you popular during prom night.

skeleton back dress

Ravishing in Retro

Retro is back with a vengeance. With that being said, invoking this style can help you create cool prom dress ideas. A good example showcases the girls below, who look stunning in their pearly crop tops and polka-dotted mermaid skirts. Wear elbow-length gloves or a fascinator to complete the vintage look that most fashion houses are clamoring for.

retro prom dress retro dress

Go Tribal

Cool prom dress ideas go beyond the usual lace and tulle. This summer, a good choice would have to be a tribal-inspired dress. You can go for a midi or full-length dress, or you can be crafty and wear a tribal maxi skirt with a cute crop top or tube top, such as the one below.

tribal dress outfit tribal dress tribal prom dress

Fresh in Floral

Ditsy floral dresses are cool prom dress ideas, but there is something else that would make you stand out more: big floral prints. Take the case of the outfit below. It’s more than awe-inspiring with the contrast between the stark white fabric and the painted pink-rose flowers.

floral dressfloral outfit

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