6 Comfy and Cute Shoes that Will Change Your Life

Shoes are an integral part of any outfit. It’s one of those parts of your look that can truly make it or break it which is why choosing the right pair to go with a specific look is harder than most think it is. The right shoes should look fab and feel great. It should be both stylish and comfy, especially if you’re the type who stays outdoors most of the time. Here are some comfy and cute shoe styles that will change your life.

  1. Cute flats –flats are perfect for girls who are looking for everyday shoes that are comfortable and stylish. There is a wide variety of style and design for flats ranging from classic girly to edgy and sleek so finding one that suits your style is going to be really easy. If you have to change into dressier heels at some point in the day, consider going for roll-up flats that can be easily tucked into your purse without taking up too much space.flat valentino rock studs
    flat basic shoes
  2. Block heels – can’t live without heels but can’t live with the pain they bring either? Go for block heels instead of slinky slim stilettos. These will offer more support for your feet, making it easier and more comfortable for you to walk and stand in them all day.block heels with neutral outfit block heels statement shoes
  3. Lace up flats – heels are sexy, sure, but they’re not the only footwear you can sport to give you feet and legs that sexy look. Lace-up shoes are one of the biggest trends of today and lace-up flats are great alternatives to high heels for giving your feet a sexier look.lace up summer and spring shoes lace up black flats
  4. Mules – mules are making a huge comeback this year and they’re the perfect shoes to add to your closet if you’re looking for something chic, stylish and easy to wear. Mules go with just about anything, too, so pairing them up with outfits shouldn’t be hard.mules and white dress mules with wide legged pants
  5. Sneakers – sneakers are great if you are they type of gal who goes for casual looks on most days. if you want to make sure your sneakers are put to good use, get them in white so you can wear them every day, no matter what outfit you’re wearing.sneakers and maxi cardigan sneakers with summer outfit
  6. Wedges – if you’re petite and you need the height boost but are tired of putting up with the pain from heels, maybe it’s time you switch to wedges. Wedges also offer more support for your feet which is why they’re so much more comfortable compared to heels.wedge and jeans outfit wedge lace up and romper


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